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Cauliflower Greens Leaves And Stalk Bhaji/Sabji With Besan (Bengal Gram Flour)

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On 13/01/2023 09:01pm, Will wrote:

Though the title says "With Besan" yet your recipe makes no mention of Besan anywhere. Unless I'm missing something. It is the exact copy of your other recipe without besan.

On 14/01/2023 12:01am, Mamta wrote:

Sorry about that, obviously posted the wrong recipe. Thank you for letting me know. Will check it out and correct it soon.


On 14/01/2023 01:01am, Mamta wrote:

Corrected! Thank you for letting me know.

The recipes are basically the same except one has some Besan, which gives it a nutty flavour.

You can add Besan this way to other vegetables too.


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