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This family run recipe site is intended to be a 'living' cookbook, constantly updated and refreshed. Enjoy our great selection of Indian and international recipes, sumptuous meal ideas and cooking tips and visit our discussion forum to ask questions and share feedback.

Since the site went live back in May 2001, we've welcomed millions of visitors and built up a collection of over 1700 recipes!

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Spicy Bottle Gourd Raita (Yoghurt)
Spicy Bottle Gourd Raita (Yoghurt)

This is a spicy version of an easy bottle gourd raita.

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Latest News - Site Improvements

You may have noticed there have been a few changes to the site recently!

So far, we've improved the way a lot of pages are laid out, and overhauled the search engine to hopefully make it a lot more reliable and easy for you to use.

Over the next few weeks, we'll continue to improve how the site looks and works behind the scenes. As ever, if you encounter any problems please let us know.

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