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How to Make Butter At Home From Double Cream

Makhan From Thick Cream

Mamta Gupta


In Indian homes, home-made butter is valued and loved, even preferred from the one you buy in supermarket. It is very easy to make butter from thick cream, what we call Double cream here in UK.


  • A pot of fresh, not long-life, double cream. Size is your choice, how much butter you want to make.

  • A large bowl, so the cream doesn't splash everywhere during beating

  • Beater, either hand or electric. It does not require a lot of beating, so hand beater is fine.

  • Plenty of cold water to wash the butter. If your tap water is not very cold, add some ice to it.


  1. Place cream in a large bowl and beat it with the beater. You will soon see the butter separating, leaving a thin, watery liquid aside.

  2. Lift out the butter, place it in a clean bowl ad wash a few times in cold water, until water runs clear.

  3. Place it in a bowl with lid and store in the fridge. You can add salt to it, but I prefer my butter without salt.

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