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Tandoori Roti - 4, Indian Bread Rolled In A Poori/Tortilla Press

Tandoori Style Roti

Mamta Gupta

When I am feeling lazy and have some dough leftover from previous day (you can make fresh dough), I make these roties using my poori press, cooking them on a tava/griddle. If I have to make a lot of roties, I use my large Dosa tava/gridle and make 4-5 roties at a time. It saves a lot of mess of rolling out, it is much faster and roties are tasty, similar to Tandoori Roti 1 or Pani Ke Hath ki Roti. Makes approximately 8-10


  • 250 gm. whole wheat, chapatti flour (you can add 1/4th chickpea/besan flour)

  • Enough water to make a soft dough (firm dough can not be spread with hands)

  • Ghee/oil for smearing on the Poori/tortilla press


  1. Making dough:

  2. Place flour in a bowl and add enough water to make a soft dough.

  3. Leave to stand for 20-30 minutes or so and knead a little again to make it smooth.

  4. Making Roties

  5. Break dough into 10-15 portions.

  6. Heat a griddle or tava.

  7. Pick one ball, roll it between palms to make it into a smooth ball with the help of a tiny amount of oil.

  8. Lightly oil both surfaces of the press and place the ball in the centre.

  9. Press it gently to make a poori. Sometimes, you need to press it again. It should be of even thickness all the way around.

  10. Cooking Roties:

  11. Put the roti on the hot tava/griddle. I have a large tava, so I can cook 2-3 at a time, but you can make one at a time.

  12. When you see a few blisters on the surface or it changes colour to very slightly darker, turn it over. Move it around to ensure even cooking. Turn over a couple of times to ensure it is well cooked. See pictures.

  13. Serve hot immediately or keep in a stack to keep them warm. Wrap in a foil and then a towel. You can also keep them warm in a roti thermal dabba/dibba, a small container. See last picture.

  14. If you are making them in bulk or for freezing, spread them out on a towel and let them cook under cover. Then freeze them in small packets, according your requirements. To serve, heat on both sides under a preheated grill, for 10-20 seconds each side.

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