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Fenugreek (Methi) Seeds Sprouts, How To

Ankurit Methi Dana

Mamta Gupta

Sprouted or soaked methi seeds are very slightly bitter, but are not only delicious in all sorts of salads and stir-fries, they also have many health benefits according to Ayurveda, an ancient Indian medicine system. To keep a regular supply, start new seeds every 3-4 days. I use a ramekin dish, but you can use any shallow pot or container or empty salad box.

They are said to reduce blood sugar in diabetics and joint pain in arthritics. For this, you can eat dry, ground seeds also, but those are not as tasty as sprouted ones.

Methi sprouts are said to help treat menopausal symptoms and stimulates milk in breastfeeding women. They are a good source of various vitamins, minerals and trace elements.

Add methi sprouts to all sorts of mixed salads, to yoghurt to make a raita, to quick stir-fries. If using in cooking, stir-fry only slightly, otherwise all heat liable vitamins will be lost. Add methi sprouts to salads for a lovely crunch.

If you do not have time to germinate them, soak 1 tsp. methi seeds overnight in a small glass of water. Chew each morning and drink the soak water. This helps in reducing sugar in diabetes and pain in arthritis.

If using a sprouter, make sure that you wash it properly between each crop, using hot water and washing up liquid.

Buy seeds from food stores. Garden centre seeds may be treated with chemicals


  • 1 full tsp. methi/fenugreek seeds. If sprouting for stir-frying, you need to germinate 2-3 tablespoons of seeds.

  • A suitable, shallow container, like a ramekin dish

  • A paper kitchen towel folded up, to cover the ramekin dish base

  • A little water


  1. For salads

  2. Wash and drain seeds in a tea strainer.

  3. Soak the paper towel in the dish and drop seeds evenly on top.

  4. Leave on the window sill, making sure that the tissue is kept moist at all time. I add a little water each morning, until they are ready. They can be eaten at any stage of sprouting.

  5. Add to salads of choice.

  6. For chewing each morning (for diabetics)

  7. Wash and soak 1 full tsp. seeds in a small glass of water. In the morning, chew the seeds and drink the water.

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