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Asparagus, Cherry Tomatoes And Peas Flan (Quiche)

Asparagus, Cherry Tomatoes And Peas Flan (Quiche)

Mamta Gupta

Flans are easy to make, especially if you use ready-made short crust pastry, which is what I have used here. If you wish, you can make your own Short Crust Pastry. Filling can be whatever you fancy. I will recommend not using low fat milk here. Otherwise your pastry will get soggy during cooking. They are excellent served either hot or cold and make a great addition to a buffet or a picnic. Serves 6-8


  • 500 gm. packet of ready to roll short crust pastry. If you are using an oblong dish, you can buy ready rolled pastry.

  • For the filling:

  • 6-8 tender asparagus spears

  • A small handful of peas. I have used frozen, If using fresh, half boil them first.

  • 6-8 cherry tomatoes.

  • 250 ml. double cream

  • 3 standard eggs

  • Zest and juice of a lemon

  • A good sprinkling of freshly ground black pepper

  • A little freshly grated nutmeg

  • Salt, if needed

  • 1/4-1/2 tsp. chilli flakes or a couple of green chillies, chopped (optional)

  • A small bunch of spring onion greens. You can use a fresh herb of choice

  • 200 gm. Ricotta cheese. You can substitute with Paneer.

  • 8-9 inch round or oblong flan dish. Use an oblong one, if using ready rolled pastry

  • Oven temperature; 190C or 375F or Gas mark 5.


  1. If making your own pastry, follow the link above. I usually get the ready-made one from the supermarket these days.

  2. Measure all ingredients.

  3. Trim any tough ends off the asparagus spears.

  4. Place asparagus and peas in a steamer and steam lightly. I do this in a microwave steamer, on full power (800), for 4 minutes. Allow to cool.

  5. Wash and dry cherry tomatoes.

  6. Chop spring greens

  7. Rolling out and blind baking the pastry

  8. Take the pastry out of the fridge 20-30 minutes before using.

  9. Dust the kitchen table or rolling board with flour.

  10. If using a round flan dish, make the ready pastry into a ball by pressing corners in and rolling.

  11. Roll out the pastry into a circle approximately 4-5 mm. thickness, a diameter of 25 cm. or 10 inches. For an oblong dish, roll it out into an oblong. Either way, the pastry should be about +3 cm. all around your dish. This is to cover the side edges. You can roll it a) on top of a wax paper, which can then be lifted into the flan dish easily. Once cooked, the flan can be lifted out of the flan dish with ease for serving. b) Roll it on a lightly floured work top directly.

  12. To lift, gently roll it onto your rolling pin and then unroll on top of your buttered flan dish, gently easing it in on the base, as well as sides. See picture.

  13. If using ready rolled pastry like Jus Roll, simply unroll onto your greased dish, pressing it in gently.

  14. Cover the pastry with a wax paper and leave in the fridge for 25-30 minutes. This stops shrinkage during baking.

  15. Preheat the oven to 190C or 375F or Gas mark 5.

  16. Remove the pastry case from the fridge. Trim the edges off the pastry with a sharp knife or leave them untrimmed, giving it a more rustic look.

  17. Now fill the flan with baking beans (not baked beans) on top of the wax paper/foil, see picture! Baking beans are heavy and stop the pastry from ballooning up during baking. If you don’t have baking beans, you can press it with another flan dish that is slightly smaller and fits inside the main dish .

  18. Bake blind (without any filling) for approximately 20 minutes, until it is set and lightly crisp.

  19. Remove the foil or wax paper and baking beans. Return to the oven for another five minutes, so that the inside corners are also cooked well. Take it out.

  20. Reduce the temperature of the oven to 160C/325F/Gas Mark 3.

  21. Spread vegetables and fish evenly over the pastry case.

  22. Making the filling

  23. While pastry is baking, place eggs, cream, salt, pepper, nutmeg, chilli flakes and herbs in a bowl, along with any extra spice you are using. Beat lightly, do not over beat.

  24. Add lemon juice and rind, fold it in.

  25. Spread out asparagus and cherry tomatoes nicely on the flan.

  26. Pour over the cream and egg mix.

  27. Sprinkle spring onion greens or herbs on top.

  28. Break up ricotta cheese into small lumps and dot them all over the quiche.

  29. Bake in the hot oven for 25-30 minutes, in the centre of the oven, until just set. It should be a little wobbly, but not runny.

  30. Remove from the oven and allow to cool for 10-15 minutes before serving. It will set further.

  31. It can be served at room temperature or hot with salad of choice. It makes a good dish for a buffet or a picnic.


  • This is my take on the recipe given on the packet

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