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Chocolate Burfi - A Quick Version

Chocolate Burfi - A Quick Version

Mamta Gupta

Burfi is a popular Indian sweet. It comes in scores of different flavours and sizes. Here I have made it using condensed tinned milk. It takes literally minutes to make. Makes approximately 30 pieces


  • 400 gm. tin of sweetened condensed milk

  • 1 cup, approximately 100 gm. milk powder. I use skimmed milk powder*

  • 1 large bar of chocolate, I use 70-80-% chocolate. Flavoured ones are nice, here I have used orange flavoured one

  • 1 small cups walnuts (or other nuts of choice), chopped roughly

  • A flat, metal, burfi tray (like a Swiss roll tray)

  • Wax paper

  • * I only add it to reduce the sweetness somewhat. You don't have to add it, if you don't want to haven't got it.


  1. Line the tray with grease proof paper and then spread a thin film of butter on it. Keep aside.

  2. Place Condensed milk in a wok/karahi and heat. Add milk powder and stir it in.

  3. Continue to stir until whole mass begins to come off the sides of the wok. This takes only a couple of minutes.

  4. Add chopped nuts and chocolate and stir for another minute or so. Chocolate will melt and mix.

  5. Turn it out onto the greased tray and spread evenly.

  6. When a little cooler and slightly set,Lift out the whole thing, holding the edges of the paper and place it on a flat work surface.

  7. Smooth it out with a rolling pin.

  8. Cover with a few layers of silver leaves, if you like. Allow to cool completely.

  9. Cut into diamond shapes or squares. I use a Pizza cutter, but you can use a sharp kitchen knife. First make horizontal cuts, about 1 inch or 2.54 cm. apart, through the whole lot. Now make diagonal cuts across the horizontal cuts. This will give you diamond shapes.

  10. Now gently lift each burfi out with the help of a spatula or knife and keep in an airtight box, separating each layer of burfies with waxed paper or foil. Otherwise, they may stick together.

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