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Tandoori Roti - 3, Indian Bread (Made on a 'Tava' or Griddle)

Tandoor Roti 3

Sudha Kumar

This roti is very similar in taste and appearance to a tandoori roti, but it is in fact cooked on a tava griddle and then direct flame. It has its own, unique taste, hot and crisp, delicious! In my view, it tastes better than the tandoori roti and is so much easier to make. This recipe comes from my sister in-laws young maid Sudha. She makes and serves the family hot and crisp roties, as the family sits down to a meal. This roti is similar to the Paani ke Haath ki Roti, which is made with wetted palms. Here, no water is used, only dusting flour, which makes it easier to handle than the water. Makes approximately 8-10


  • 250 gm. whole wheat, chapatti flour (you can add 1/4th chickpea/besan flour)

  • Enough water to make a soft dough (firm dough can not be spread with hands)

  • Ghee, for smearing the surface of each chapatti


  1. Making dough:

  2. Place flour in a bowl and add enough water to make a soft dough. It is impossible to make this type of roti with firm dough.

  3. Knead well for a minute.

  4. Leave to stand for 20-30 minutes or so and knead a little again to make it smooth.

  5. Making Roti:

  6. Break dough into 10-15 portions, depending on the size and thickness of chapatties you prefer.

  7. Heat a griddle or tawa.

  8. Pick one ball, roll it between palms to make it into a smooth ball, with the help of dusting flour (Palothan).

  9. Dip in flour again and flatten the ball by slapping it between the two palms backwards and forwards, until a desired size and thickness is reached. You have to rotate the spreading roti each time you slap it against the opposite palm, to ensure that it remains circular and has eve thickness all over.

  10. Cooking:

  11. Put the roti on the hot tawa/griddle.

  12. When you see a few blisters on the surface, lift the tawa with the roti still stuck to it and turn it over the flame, with the roti making direct contact the flame. Move it around to ensure even cooking. See pictures.

  13. Lift of the tawa using tongs and finish off the cooking on direct flame.

  14. Serve immediately, coated with a thin layer of butter or ghee, with dals, saags or any curry of choice.

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