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Soups are generally quite easy to make. Home made soups are tastier and you know exactly what they contain. Given below is a few that I make or have collected. If you have any nice ones that you make and you would like to share the recipe with us all, please send them to me via the contact link. Try to include a good digital picture, which we can eventually put on the site. Mamta

Also see Making Stock


  • For ingredients and method, see each individual recipe.


  1. Asparagus Soup

  2. Avocado Soup (Chilled)

  3. Beef Goulash.

  4. Beetroot Soup (see Beetroot recipe ideas)

  5. Broccoli Soup For Every Day

  6. Broccoli Soup, Low fat

  7. Broccoli Soup with Coconut Milk (Dairy Free)

  8. Carrot, ginger and Coriander Soup

  9. Carrot, Potato and Coriander Soup

  10. Cauliflower and Broccoli Soup

  11. Cauliflower and Broccoli Soup, Lemon Flavoured

  12. Cauliflower and Stilton Cheese Soup

  13. Ceviche Seafood in Lime Juice

  14. Chicken Mulligatawny

  15. Chicken Soup

  16. Chicken and Vegetable Soup

  17. Chinese Clear Vegetable Soup.

  18. Corn Soup

  19. Courgette Soup

  20. Courgette and Corn Soup

  21. Cream of Chicken Soup

  22. Cream of Vegetable Soup Mamta's.

  23. Cream of Vegetable Soup Steve's

  24. Cucumber, Yoghurt and Mint Soup, Chilled

  25. Curried Marrow Soup.

  26. Fat Free Carrot, Ginger and Coriander Soup.

  27. Fat Free Mixed Vegetable Hot And Sour Soup.

  28. Fat Free Mixed Vegetable Soup 1.

  29. Fat Free Mixed Vegetable Soup 2.

  30. Fat Free Tomato, Carrot and Leek Soup.

  31. Fat Free Tomato Soup With Cumin.

  32. Fat Free Vegetable Soups, General recipe.

  33. French Onion Soup Mamta's

  34. French Onion Soup Steve's

  35. Ham and Pea Soup

  36. Hotch Potch Soup

  37. Kadhi Soup

  38. Leek and Potato Soup 1

  39. Leek and Potato Soup 2

  40. Leek and Potato Soup 3

  41. Leek and Tomato Soup

  42. Leek Soup with Ginger

  43. Lentil Soup (Western Style)

  44. Lentil Soup, South Indian Style-Rasam or Sambhar

  45. Lettuce and Crab Soup

  46. Low Calorie Vegetable Soup.

  47. Making Stock.

  48. Mango Amras, Sweet & Sour

  49. Mixed Vegetable Soup Low Calorie

  50. Moong Dal & Brussels Sprout Curry/Soup

  51. Mountain Soup

  52. Mushroom Soup

  53. Parsnip Soup

  54. Parsnip Soup-Spicy

  55. Peanut Soup

  56. Penang Laksa Noodles

  57. Potato and Onion Soup

  58. Potato, Tomato and Ginger Soup

  59. Prawn Chowder

  60. Prawn Soup, Thai

  61. Pumpkin Soup with Ginger and Creamed Coconut

  62. Seafood Chowder

  63. Seafood and Noodle Soup

  64. Soup from Leftovers

  65. Spinach Soup

  66. Sweet Corn Soup

  67. Sweet Corn Soup-Chinese

  68. Tomato Soup with Basil

  69. Tomato Soup with Pasta

  70. Tomato And Carrot Soup

  71. Tomato, Cream of Tomato and Red Pepper Soup

  72. Tomato And Red Pepper Soup 1 With Roasted Tomatoes

  73. Tomato and Red Pepper Soup - 2 With Chilli

  74. Tomato And Red Pepper Soup - 3 Steve's

  75. Tomato and Red Pepper Soup - 4 with Cream

  76. Tomato And Red Pepper Soup - 5 With Chilli, Steve's

  77. Tomato, Leek and Red Lentil Soup

  78. Tomato Soup With Basil

  79. Tomato Soup With Ginger-Spicy

  80. Tomato Soup with Pasta

  81. Vegetable and Bean Soup

  82. Vegetable Soup, Cream of

  83. Vegetable Soup, Low Calorie

  84. Vegetable Soup, Low Fat

  85. Vegetable (Mixed) Soup, Chunky and Low Calorie

  86. Watercress Soup

  87. Watercress and Leek Soup

  88. Won Ton (Dumpling) Noodle Soup (Mein).

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