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No Bake Chocolate Cheesecake

Chocolate Cheesecake

Mamta Gupta

Chocolate cheesecake is one of the universally loved dessert/tea cake all over the world. It is not difficult to make, though a little time consuming, takes 40-50 minutes. The result is worth an effort! This is a 'no bake' cake. Serves 6


  • 150 gm. digestive biscuits or chocolate chip cookies

  • 1/4 tsp. cinnamon powder (optional)

  • 100 gm. unsalted butter

  • 100 gm. good dark chocolate. Higher the chocolate content, better your cake will taste. 70% cocoa chocolate is good for this recipe.

  • 175 ml. Crème fraîche*

  • 50 gm. unrefined Demerara sugar (light brown cane sugar)

  • 175 ml. double or whipping cream

  • 100 gm. white chocolate (if you can’t find white chocolate, you can make it with dark chocolate alone)

  • 6-7 drops of vanilla essence


  1. Butter a 6 inch or 15 centimetre pie dish thinly, keep aside.

  2. Crumble the biscuits by hand and then mash into fine crumbs. You can do this by mashing them with a potato masher or in a food processor or by placing them in a plastic bag and pressing with a rolling pin. Add cinnamon powder and mix.

  3. Melt butter in a pan or in microwave at 800 power for 90 seconds. Pour it over the crumbs, mix well.

  4. Transfer the crumbs onto the buttered dish and press firmly, either with a potato masher or by hand. This is the base of the cheesecake. Leave in the freezer for 10 minutes to set.

  5. Melt dark chocolate in a metal bowl by placing it in a pan of simmering water. If you have a bain-marie, that can also be used. Alternatively, you can melt chocolate in a microwave-safe bowl. Microwave on high, for 1+1 minutes or longer, until it is melted and it is smooth when stirred. Microwave for only 1 minute at a time.

  6. Melt white chocolate in a separate pan, exactly the same as above.

  7. Beat Crème fraîche and 1/2 the sugar together until smooth.

  8. Beat double cream until stiff and fold it into the Crème fraîche.

  9. Divide this mix into two bowls equally.

  10. To one bowl, add melted dark chocolate mix from step 5 and to other add melted white chocolate from step 6 and vanilla essence. Mix well.

  11. Take out the biscuit base from the freezer. Spoon out alternate spoons full of each mixture on to the base, using large, serving spoons.

  12. Run a fork through both gently, to get a marble/swirl effect. Keep covered in fridge for 4-5 hours or overnight.

  13. Before serving, take it out of the fridge for 10 minutes. Slice cake into wedges and serve. Keeping the cheese cake in a tray of hot water for 15 seconds before slicing, melts the lining butter and helps to lift off slices.


  • *Crème fraiche is made of fresh cream and lactic acid bacteria. If you can not find it where you live, here are a few alternatives: 1. Combine equal parts of lightly beaten double cream and creamy natural yoghurt, like Greek yoghurt (or 'hung' yoghurt), in equal parts. 2. Creamy Greek yoghurt or ‘hung’ yoghurt on it’s own. 3. 50/50 Sour Cream and double or whipping cream.

  • If your recipe requires cooking crème fraiche, you can make your own. Warm 1 cup whipping cream lightly (hand warm). Add 1 tablespoon active yoghurt or buttermilk. Cover and leave in a warm place for up to 12-18 hours, until thickened. Stir and use immediately or refrigerate for up to a week.

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