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Mango Mousse

Mango Mousse

Mamta Gupta


Picture: Fresh Indian Mangoes

Mango mousse is a light fruit mousse with a delicate, tropical flavour. This recipe follows the basic mousse recipe. Quantities are approximate and I have used tinned mango pulp. Tinned puree is already sweetened, so don't add any more honey, unless you have a sweet tooth. I guess, it will work with many other fruit purees like peaches, apricots, soft berries etc. Apricot and peaches will need to be blanched, before pureeing, to stop them discolouring.

Serves 6


  • 400 ml. mango puree, tinned or pulp of 2 large...ish, ripe mangos

  • 300-400 ml. fresh double cream

  • 2-3 egg whites**

  • 1/2 of a sachet or 5 gm. unflavoured gelatine*

  • 2 tbs. honey, if you like your mousse to be sweeter (optional)


  1. If using fresh mangoes, peel mangoes. Slice as much flesh off the stones as you can. Puree the flesh in a blender or processor to make a puree. Or, use tinned puree, directly from the tin.

  2. Put a couple of tablespoons of hot water in a small bowl, sprinkle the gelatine over the hot water and allow to stand for a few minutes, to soften the gelatine. If it doesn't dissolve fully, stand the bowl in hot water for a few minutes. It will melt and dissolve. Check instructions on the package, in case it gives different instructions.

  3. Beat egg whites until stiff (when you turn the bowl upside down, egg white remain in the bowl. Keep aside.

  4. Beat cream in a separate bowl, until thick and stands in peaks. Keep aside.

  5. Add gelatine (and honey, if used) to the mango puree and mix well.

  6. Add mango puree to the cream and fold it in, using a plastic or wooden spatula and figure of 8 movement.

  7. Add egg white to mango-cream mix and fold it in.

  8. Transfer to a serving bowl. You can put 1-2 tsp. mango puree on the top of the mousse and give it a little whirl with a spoon. This makes a nice pattern on the top. Chill until set.

  9. You can also pour it in individual dessert dishes and chill until set.

  10. Serve chilled.


  • *You can find vegetarian gelatine substitute in supermarkets and health food shops.

  • **Omit egg whites for vegetarian mousse.

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