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Kassar 2, A Sweet Offering After Hindu Prayers

Kassar - Prasad

Satya Kansal

This dish has no English name and it is difficult to translate. It is made as a Prasad or and after prayer offering, especially in Northern India. It is very easy to make. As it is quite dry, it goes well with another after Prayer offering called Charnamrit. Also see Kassar 1 Serves 15-20.


  • 250 gm. chapatti flour

  • 30 gm. sooji or semolina

  • 1 tbs. ghee or clarified butter

  • 125 gm. boora or castor sugar

  • 10-15 gm. desiccated coconut

  • 5-6 chopped almonds

  • 15 gm. raisins

  • 5-6 chopped cashew nuts

  • 1/6 tsp, approximately, illaichi or cardamom powder

  • Approximately 250 gm. chopped fruit mix; guava, banana, apple, orange segments

  • Juice of 1/2 lime or lemon


  1. Making Kassar;

  2. Heat ghee in a wok and fry flour and semolina mix, until it is golden brown and emits a distinctive roast aroma, almost like baking biscuits.

  3. Turn heat off and allow to cool.

  4. Meanwhile, chop fruits into bite size pieces. Squeeze lemon juice over the fruit, mix and leave in a cool place.

  5. When the flour is cool, add sugar and all other ingredients. Mix thoroughly. Keep in a bowl.

  6. To serve;

  7. Traditionally, it used to be served directly in the palms of the worshippers. Now a days, it is served in little bowls made of leaves (they are widely available in India) or small, disposable paper bowls.

  8. Place a tablespoon of Kassar mix into each bowl and top is with a little chopped fruit.

  9. Serve with a wooden or plastic spoon to eat it with.

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