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A sandwich is basically two slices of bread with a filling. It is said that the Earls of Sandwich, a town in Kent in UK, was a gambler. He did not like to have his game interrupted to eat food. So, he asked his cooks to serve meat, cheese and other food ingredients, packed between to slices of bread, so he could eat food without stopping his game and sandwich was born!

Bread has been eaten with meats, cheeses or other toppings for centuries. In different parts of the world, people have always eaten various fillings, placed between their own type of breads. Even Frankies, the Indian chapatti rolls, Tortillas and fajitas come into this category.

Sandwiches fillings given here include ideas collected in response to my question about 'some of the best sandwich fillings people have ever had' on BBC board and from family and friends.



  • Asparagus: Asparagus tips, cooked, cooled and rolled in thin, buttered slices of bread-Neeta Gupta.

  • Aubergine: Curried Aubergines or Aubergine Mash in a fresh bread roll. You can add sliced onions for extra crunch.

  • Aubergines:Pan Fried Aubergine slices in a buttered bread roll/bread slices. You can spread a thick layer of Hummus instead of butter, picture 23.

  • Avocado: Avocado slices and mayonnaise, with salt and pepper. You can add watercress or rocket salad.

  • Avocado: Avocado and Marmite, on toasted bread, 'my current quick favourite' - Ruth Stevens from BBC food message board.

  • Banana: Banana and Honey between 2 slices of any good bread.

  • Chip 'Butty', is a typically British sandwich made with chips or French fries and bread. It is usually eaten with brown sauce or tomato ketchup - Steve Lister. Picture 10.

  • Chives: fresh white bread with salted butter and chopped chives (or spring onion greens) - Kathy Q. from BBC Food message board.

  • Clotted Cream or Malai: Malai is the thick skin that form on boiled whole cream milk as it cools. It is similar in taste to clotted cream. Mix with sugar and vanilla essence. You can add a few slices of fresh or tinned fruits - Aditya Kumar.

  • Cucumber Sandwich, English>.

  • Cucumber and Tomato, placed evenly between thin slices of buttered bread, with a sprinkling of salt and pepper. Picture 15.

  • Garlic, Onion & Tomato: Garlic, finely sliced red onion rings, sliced tomatoes & watercress- serve with crisp radishes-Alison Wright from BBC Food Message Boards.

  • Gherkins & Tomatoes: Tomato and Dill Cornichons (pickled gherkins) on Rye bread - Fi Diggory from BBC food message board.

  • Hummus with red onion rings and sliced tomatoes, on any fresh bread of choice, including pitta bread or Nan.

  • Hummus, mixed with chopped black olives and red onions, between 2 slices of any fresh bread.

  • Jam and Butter: Sweet sandwich-jam and butter between two slices of bread, one of the most popular and least nutritious sandwich seen in school children's packed lunch box! Picture 14.

  • Malai or Clotted Cream: Sweet sandwich-Malai is the thick skin that form on boiled whole cream milk as it is cools down. It is similar in taste to clotted cream. Mix with sugar and vanilla essence. You can add a few slices of fresh or tinned fruits

  • Peanut butter on white bread, served with a glass of chilled milk or a milk shake.

  • PIZZA topping: Place any chosen Pizza toppings on a toast/split bread roll. Grill until cheese is bubbling.

  • Potato bhaji with Green Mango Chutney: - Mayank Kumar from Delhi in India.

  • Potato crisps on sliced white bread, 'a life-long passion'. Ruth Stevens - from BBC food message board.

  • Potato cutlet or Aloo Tikki, withGreen Mango Chutney - Mayank Kumar from Delhi.

  • Roasted Peppers (green/red/yellow): mixed with Wensleydale or goat's cheese and onion marmalade...mmm! megsinmcc from BBC Food Message Boards.

  • Roast Vegetables (green peppers, aubergines, tomatoes) roasted in olive oil Mediterranean style, salt and pepper, with or without cream cheese. - Neeta Gupta.

  • Spicy salad & Cream cheese: Chopped red onion, tomato, green chilli, mixed with 1 tsp. cream cheese, salt and pepper to taste. Make the sandwich not too long before eating. use any good white bread - Mitun Gupta from Switzerland.

  • Strawberry and Cheese - Steve Lister Picture 11.

  • Toasted or Pan Fried Mixed Vegetable and Yoghurt Sandwich.

  • Tomatoes and Mozzarella Cheese: Ciabatta bread roll, filled with mozzarella, tomato slices and fresh basil leaves- Hilary Ougham from BBC food message board.

  • Vegetable Bhaji: any leftover bhaji (a dry vegetable curry) + onion slices + tomato ketchup or Green Mango Chutney - Mayank Kumar from Delhi, India.

  • Vegetable Fritters or Pakora like Onion Bhaji , with Green Mango Chutney.

  • Waldorf Salad.

  • Watercress: Loads of watercress on good, well-buttered bread. Use unsalted butter and Maldon salt - Judith lark from BBC food message board.


  • Blue cheese & black grapes: semi soft, such as dolce latte, sweet black grapes and walnuts in multi seeded bread - Stephen Tindle.

  • Brie Cheese & Grapes: soft, ripe Brie, halved seedless grapes, torn up basil leaves & black pepper. It is best in a baguette - Alison Wright from BBC Food Message Boards.

  • Brie Cheese with maple cured bacon, rocket, spicy tomato chutney and mayonnaise on granary bread - someone (name delete by mistake) from BBC Food Message Boards.

  • Camembert or Gorgonzola Cheese & Fruit: cheese slices, with nectarine or peach slices or halved seedless grapes between 2 slices of fresh bread. You can use other similar cheeses too. Sameera Hanson

  • Cheddar Cheese & Tomato: Mature cheese and crisp tomato slices, on buttered fresh bread, with a sprinkling of freshly ground black pepper. Picture 4

  • Cheddar Cheese & Chutney or Sweet pickle like Kumquat pickle. Picture 8

  • Cheddar or other sliced cheese and Green Mango Chutney or Green Tomato Chutney (picture 21) or Branston pickle or a relish or pickle of your choice.

  • Cheddar Cheese-& Cranberry Relish: Must be good cheddar. Mix grated cheddar with a good dollop of cranberry relish. Sweet n sour heaven! Oh and lots of butter on it too! kitten-doth-roar from BBC Food message boards

  • Cheddar Cheese (extra mature), a decent smoked ham (or chorizo), griddled and marinated courgettes, sliced tomatoes and black olives, in a sandwich of toasted Ciabata bread. Stephen Tindle

  • Cheddar Cheese & Salad: Cheddar cheese, onion & finely grated carrot, blended to a spreadable paste, mixed with mayonnaise or salad cream. Sprinkle salt and pepper to taste-Alison Wright from BBC Food Message Boards.

  • Cheddar or other Cheese and Tomatoes: Slices of cheese or grated cheese, slice of tomato, black pepper and salt on any good bread or bread rolls Picture 4.

  • Cheddar or other Cheese & Onion: Cheese and raw onion slices - Liz from BBC food message board. Picture 7

  • Cheese of choice: Any good cheese on any good quality fresh, buttered bread - Neeta Gupta.

  • Cheese of choice, apple slices and potato chips - Gitanjali Ramani.

  • Cheese of choice and sliced apples - Stephen Tindle.

  • Strong, mature cheddar cheese, Iceberg lettuce, with mango chutney - Sue Loewenbein.

  • Cheese and Beetroot: Grated/sliced cheese and grated/sliced beetroot on buttered bread. You can add a little mayonnaise, if you wish.

  • Cheese in a Chapatti Sandwich .

  • Cream Cheese: Cream cheese mixed with chopped pineapple or tomatoes or watercress or corn or red pepper or red onions. Add freshly ground black pepper-Sally from BBC Food Message Boards.

  • Emmental Cheese: Emmental cheese with spicy red pesto (deli kind, rather than bottled one) and salad, on a fresh baguette - Antonia Parkin from BBC food message board.

  • Goat's Cheese with tomatoes , on fresh bread - Liz from BBC food message board.

  • Goat's or Wensleydale Cheese, crumbled, Roasted Green peppers and Onion marmalade. megsinmcc from BBC Message Boards.

  • Halloumi Kebab Sandwich b>

  • Mozzarella Cheese, sliced tomatoes and fresh basil leaves , on Ciabatta bread roll - Hilary Ougham from BBC food message board.

  • Stilton Cheese and slices of cooked beetroot with horseradish sauce - Winton, John Web

  • Stilton Cheese and Caramelised Onions with any good bread - Kerrie Ewer

  • Strong Cheddar cheese, sliced beetroot and salad cream, on any bread or crusty French stick - Kerrie Ewer

  • Tandoori Paneer 1

  • Tandoori Paneer 2


  • Egg & Bacon: Between 2 slices, with one side of the bread toasted,"I prefer the inside toasted and lots of black pepper." - Tim Elkington from BBC food message board.

  • Egg, bacon and tomato slices: in a toasted crusty bread roll - a breakfast Roll by Steve Lister

  • Egg and bacon in a Bap (a breakfast roll - Steve Lister.

  • Egg: Fried egg on bread, with salt and pepper - Judith Lark.

  • Egg: Hard boiled & chopped eggs, mixed with equal amount of grated cheddar and bound with tomato sauce and salad cream.

  • Egg: Hard boiled eggs, mashed with salad cream and lots of cress on top - Kathy Q f & Neeta Gupta.

  • Egg: Hard boiled eggs, finely chopped up and mixed with de-seeded chopped tomatoes, salt, lots of black pepper & a good dollop of salad cream (NOT mayonnaise) - Alison Wright from. They are sometimes called Seaside Sandwiches.

  • Egg & Mayonnaise: Hard boiled egg, chopped and mixed with mayonnaise, on soft white bread rolls, seasoned with lots of black pepper - Fi Diggory from BBC food message board.

  • Egg, mayonnaise, with slices of Salami or with a few tinned Anchovies , a sort of Scotch Woodcock! - Winton, John Webb.

  • Egg & Salad: Hard boiled eggs, chopped, on brown buttered bread, topped with lettuce, sliced tomatoes and a dab of salad cream! - Norman Askew.

  • Egg, scrambled .

  • Fruit: Any fresh fruits sliced and layered on a buttered, fresh bread or toast.


  • Bacon, Mushroom & Onion: Fry bacon, mushrooms and onion together, mix with a spoonful of HP fruity sauce, heap in a baked potato, sprinkle with cheese - GI Joe 58

  • Bacon, Green peppers and Sausage: Fry chunks of green pepper and onions in oil, keep aside. Fry a few sausages, chopped bacon rashers, a handful of halved button mushrooms, all together, in 1 pan. Add fried onions, peppers & ketchup. Place between

  • Bacon and Pickle in a crusty bread stick - Steve Lister

  • Bacon and Watercress: lots of crisp bacon and watercress or lettuce, between two thick slices of buttered bread.

  • Beef Burger sandwich, with fried onions and lettuce Picture 10 - Steve Lister

  • Beef, corned beef:, crumbled up and mixed with grated onion, salt, pepper & chopped up tomato flesh (remove all the watery seeds) - Alison Wright.

  • Beef with sliced beet root: Cold roast beef slices and beetroot slices, with or without mayonnaise or with horse radish sauce.

  • Beef: Roast beef and Saute onions: Saute chopped onions until deeply golden, add slices/chunks of leftover roast beef, along with some gravy, heat until piping hot and serve over a hot, crisped up baguette spread with horseradish/mustard.

  • Beef, cold, roast beef slices and rocket salad /cress/lettuce, with or without mustard and horseradish sauce - Neeta Gupta.

  • BLT – Bacon, Lettuce and Tomato slices, on any fresh bread.

  • Cured (cold) meat slices like ham, beef, chicken, pork, salami, pepperoni etc., with onion rings, cress, mayonnaise, on any good quality, buttered bread/bread roll.

  • Frankfurters, cooked, cooled and sliced, with lashing of tomato sauce and mustard, heaped between two slices of fresh bread or in a bread roll/stick. You can add fried onions too.

  • Ham and Aubergine slices on freshly buttered bread slices, salt and pepper, picture 22.

  • Ham & Coleslaw See Picture 17. Steve Lister.

  • Ham slices, with potato crisps - Kathy Q from BBC food message board.

  • Ham, Lettuce and Tomato, with butter and mustard, on any good bread. See picture 6 and 13.

  • Ham, Cheese and Wild Rocket Salad: 'I have it growing as a weed in my garden!! Delicious!!' - Lindsay Freeman from BBC food message board.

  • Ham, Chicken and Salad: Pan fried strips of chicken breast, Parma ham, a little each of shredded iceberg lettuce, sun blush tomatoes, marinated artichoke hearts (chopped), sliced tomatoes, shavings of parmesan cheese & mayonnaise on Pitta bread.

  • Ham & Mayonnaise: Cold ham, chopped & bound with mayonnaise, mixed with chopped garlic, served on white bread-Andrew Taylor, past chef-proprietor, Crumplehorn inn Cornwall, now chef-manager, BA 1st/Business Lounge at Toronto Pearson Airport.

  • Ham, Cheese, Lettuce, Pickled Ginger & Cucumber Sandwich, Picture 18. You can make it without Ham, as a vegetarian sandwich.

  • Ham-Prosciutto, with wild rocket and/or other spicy green herbs and leaves See picture 9- Steve Lister.

  • Leftover roast or bought meats/chicken, cold, mixed with mayonnaise, mint sauce or cranberry sauce or mustard.

  • Pastrami with cream cheese, seasoned with lots of black pepper - Fi Diggory from BBC food message board.

  • Pastrami & Green Leaf Salad: The salad is lambs lettuce with a few beetroot stalks, with a topping of mayonnaise, on a good crusty breadSee Picture 19 - Steve Lister.

  • Roast Lamb-Cold and Onion slices in fresh bread – Stephen Tindle.

  • Salami, mozzarella cheese, roast vegetables & basil: salami slices, topped with roasted red peppers, torn up mozzarella cheese, crispy fried onion (you can buy pre-fried onions from the most supermarkets or Indian grocers).

  • Salami-hard salami (chewier than standard salami), with mustard, mayo, lettuce and tomato, on Boudin sourdough bread. Cindy Bassett

  • Sausage-Chorizo & Salad Butter the bread roll with mayonnaise, top with salad then fried chorizo slices and some more mayonnaise - Steve Lister. See Picture 15

  • Sausage: Leftover pork & leek sausages cut into halves, mustard, mayonnaise & a dollop of apple sauce, on in a crusty bap (bread roll) - Alison Wright from BBC food message board.

  • Sausage: Slices of garlic sausage, with a layer of coleslaw, between two slices of any good bread. Alison Wright from BBC food message board.

  • Sausage: Cooked, cooled and sliced sausages of choice, with tomato ketchup, lined between two slices of any good bread - Janey.

  • Sausage, tomatoes and HP sauce

  • Steak Sandwich


  • Chicken Mayonnaise Salad:, made with roast chicken, good mayonnaise or low fat salad dressing, preferably on thick granary bread slices, cut into real doorstep thick chunks, with loads of salad leaves of choice.

  • Chicken, Avocado and Tomato: Cold cooked chicken, sliced avocado and semi-sun dried tomatoes, on a good bread. "It is just heaven!!" - Annie H. BBC food message board.

  • Chicken Curry Crunch: Spread mango chutney thinly over bread (no butter needed), cover with iceberg lettuce and plain chicken breast meat (cooked), mixed with curry mayonnaise. Yum! scalywitch (Carol) from BBC Food message boards.

  • Chicken-Roast. See picture 1 & 2: Cooked chicken slices, on a thick layer of lettuce leaves of one sort or other. Spread a salad dressing layer on the bread, in place of butter or margarine - Mamta.

  • Chicken Salad with Mayonnaise

  • Chicken Salad with Tarragon

  • Chicken - roast: slices of cooked chicken, slices of red pepper and some garlic mayonnaise. GI Joe58 from BBC Food Message Boards

  • Chicken Tandoori: on a slit Nan, with shredded lettuce and Green Mango Chutney.

  • Chicken Tarragon: Cold roast chicken-sliced, natural yoghurt and chopped tarragon leaves, on a granary bread/roll. Use generous amounts of chicken and tarragon. Reynard Dargent from BBC food message boards.

  • Chicken Tikka slices , with a layer of Green Mango Chutney and lettuce, between slices of any good bread.

  • Duck: Sliced roast duck and cranberry sauce.

  • Duck:Sliced roast duck meat, shredded and mixed with Hoi sin/Plum sauce, spring onions, a sprinkle of sesame seeds. Serve with cucumber batons (fingers) & spring onion 'curls' - Alison Wright from BBC Food Message Boards.

  • Turkey or Ham; A good post Christmas sandwich is leftover chopped up boiled ham or turkey in a light mayonnaise, with slices of stuffing and cranberry sauce, layered between any good bread!


  • Crab & Mayonnaise: White crab meat with mayonnaise or seafood dressing (mix mayonnaise, tomato sauce, chilli sauce), with or without cucumber slices/onion rings, on any good bread or bread roll - Mamta.

  • Crab and Salad: Brown crab meat with lots of salad on wholemeal bread. Most supermarkets sell crab pate made from the brown meat which are delicious. I like fresh crunchy salad which has to include red/orange/yellow pepper and fresh cucumber and to


  1. Use the best ingredients that you can find, including a very fresh and good quality bread. Sandwich taste best when made with fresh, good quality ingredients. Whether you use white, brown, whole-wheat, home made or speciality breads or bread rolls, it is your choice.

  2. Whether you use butter or margarine or salad cream or nothing on the bread, it is your choice.

  3. Use generous amount of filling.

  4. Removing crust or not is also your choice.

  5. You can cut each sandwich into smaller squares or triangles if you wish. It makes it easier to eat at buffets.

  6. Unless eating immediately, cover them tightly in cling film or aluminium foil.


  • Names of a few contributors were lost during posting. If a line becomes too long, the programme deletes it automatically. If you see your recipe idea here, with ? contributor written against it, please let me know.

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