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Almond Burfi 2 - A Quick, Double Cream Version

Badam ki Barfi 2, Quick Version

Sunaina Sehrawat

Burfi is a popular Indian sweet. It comes in scores of different varieties and flavours but almond burfi is perhaps the most liked one. Traditionally, burfies are made from Khoa, Indian condensed milk. In this quicker version, double cream is used instead. You can also use tinned condensed milk, instead of double cream. If you do, omit the sugar, because condensed milk already has enough sugar. Burfies are often covered with silver leaves in India. They are very thin sheets of beaten silver which are edible and are available from good Indian stores. There are lot of fake silver leaves around, so be careful what you buy! Serves 8-12


  • 250 gm. ground almonds (you can also use ground cashew nuts)

  • 250 ml. double cream

  • 250 gm. sugar

  • 100 gm. ghee or butter

  • Silver leaf or chandi varak


  1. Grease a flat Swiss roll tray or a flat thali with a drop of butter or ghee, keep aside.

  2. Heat ghee in a wok or kadhai.

  3. Add all other ingredients and cook, stirring all the time, until it begins to come off the pan, approximately 5 minutes.

  4. Spread out evenly in the tray and cover with the silver leaf.

  5. Cool.

  6. Cut into squares or diamond shapes. Store in an airtight box.

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