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Cold Drinks-A Collection Of Cold Drink Ideas

Cold Drinks Selection

Mamta Gupta

Here is a collection of cool drinks. Follow instruction under each recipe. Enjoy!

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  • Always use fresh and good quality ingredients.

  • Limes are better than lemons in flavour.

  • Ripe fruits are okay but don't use fruits that are past their best.

  • You can mix fruit juices with fizzy drinks like lemonade.

  • Experiment with what you have in the fridge/house/garden.

  • Use crushed ice or small ice cubes for blending and large ice cubes for blended drinks that are poured over ice.

  • Chill glasses in a fridge, if possible. For non-milk drinks, wet the rim of chilled glass with water or lime juice and dip in ground sugar or salt. Then fill it with drink.


  1. Almond and Pistachio Milk Shake

  2. Amras (Mango drink)

  3. Banana Chocolate Milk Shake

  4. Banana Milk Shake

  5. Blackcurrrant squash (Ribena) made in Soda water or Lemonade. Serve on ice-cubes.

  6. Charnamrit 1

  7. Charnamrit 2

  8. Cold Coffee

  9. Cranberry juice with 1/3rd soda, served on crushed ice.

  10. Cucumber Juice

  11. Espresso Coffee with Chocolate/Vanilla Ice-cream.

  12. Espresso Orange Coffee.

  13. Falooda Drink

  14. Fruit Juice, Indian Style

  15. Fruit Juice

  16. Green Mango Drink-Panna

  17. Iced Teas

  18. Jal-Jeera, Indian Fire Water

  19. Kanji ka Pani, Chilli-hot

  20. Kiwi Fruit Drink, Indian Style

  21. Lassi 1

  22. Lassi 2

  23. Lassi 3, Mattha

  24. Lemon & Ginger Drink

  25. Lemonade or Nimbu Panni

  26. Lime Soda

  27. Mango drink Amras

  28. Mixed Fruit Milk Shake

  29. Orange Squash

  30. Pomegranate Juice

  31. Rose Cooler, Sherbet

  32. Saffron (Almond) Milk.

  33. Smoothie Selection

  34. Thandai

  35. Thandai Mix

  36. Water Melon Juice

  37. Water Melon Juice, Indian Style

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