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Karela Bitter Gourd Chips For Store Cupboard

Karela Chips Sookhe

Mamta Gupta

Bitter Gourd or Carilla fruit is a tropical vegetable, botanical name Momordica charantia Linn Other names in India alone are; Karela, Kareli, Karala, Kerula, Uchchh, Kakara, Kaaya, Kura, Kurela-jangro, Karle, Pakal, Pavakkachedi, Pavakkayi, Hagala kayi, Karathay, Kaippa, Kaippavalli, Paval, Karavella, Sushavi. It is a very popular vegetable in India and China. It is an acquired taste, like chillies, and you either love or hate it. Chinese Karela looks less spiky than the Indian one and is perhaps a little less bitter. It has been used in Ayurvediac medicine for centuries, it contains calcium, phosphorus, iron, vitamin A, B1 and B2 and vitamin C. It’s juice is an excellent skin tonic and it’s good for itching, rash, acne, boils, scabies, ringworm and psoriasis. Eaten as a vegetable or it’s juice taken as a drink, it helps to lower blood sugar in diabetics, because it contains high doses of "plant insulin". It is antipyretic (reduces fever). For medicinal purpose, it is best to have juice of raw karela, which is extremely bitter.

Karela chips are slightly bitter in taste but to those who love it, they are delicious! Make them during the summer, when sun is hot and chips will dry quickly. They will keep in your store cupboard for a whole year, even longer. To serve, deep fry in oil. Also see Bitter Gourd Chips, Fresh.


  • 2 kg. fresh bitter gourd or karela

  • To Serve

  • Oil for deep frying

  • Salt and pepper to taste or a good sprinkle of Chat Masala


  1. Wash and dry bitter gourds.

  2. Slice them thinly, either by hand or using a food processor.

  3. Spread them out on a newspaper. Place in hot sun or in a conservatory, if you live in a cold country.

  4. Allow them to dry completely. This may take 3-5 days or even longer.

  5. Store in plastic bags or any suitable, airtight container.

  6. To serve, deep fry in oil, on medium heat. They fry very quickly, within seconds, so keep a close watch. Sprinkle with Chat Masala or salt and pepper and serve with drinks or tea.

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