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Kathi Rolls or Frankies or Chapatti Rolls

Frankies or Kathi Rolls

Mamta Gupta


Frankie and Kathi rolls, also known as a Chapatti/Paratha Rolls, are quite popular as a 'food on the go' in India. Frankies come from Mumbai/Maharashtra and a Kathi rolls from Calcutta. Basically, both are rolls, made of Chapatties or Plain Parathas, with a spicy vegetarian or non-vegetarian filling, sometimes a thin layer beaten egg or of yoghurt and fresh chutneys and sauces.

As far as I am concerned, they are similar. Most of the Indians have eaten them at home without giving them a special name. Our grandmothers and mothers always utilized left-over chapatties and vegetable bhajies (they were vegetarians, so no meat/chicken dishes), rolled into a chapatti/paratha, with a chutney or pickle on top, and then crisping them on a tava or griddle, brushing with a thin layer of oil. The street hawkers just gave them a name and made them increasingly sophisticated with their multiple fillings.

They are similar to Mexican tortilla rolls with different fillings.

Here, I have given a few filling ideas, but you can use any filling you like. The amount of filling depends upon personal choice and what is available.

Makes 4

Edited May 2024.

Waiting for better pictures! These ones do not show egg layer or the chutneys.



  1. Mix the yoghurt and coriander/mint chutney. Keep aside

  2. Heat a frying pan or tava to medium hot, brush with a tsp. of oil.

  3. Place one chapatti or paratha on the griddle and brush generously with beaten egg, if using egg.

  4. After 15-20 seconds, turn it over for egg to cook. You can prepare all chapatties like this in advance.

  5. Spread a little bit of green chutney/sauce of choice on top of the egg, along its centre line. If not using egg, simply spread the chutney.

  6. Top with a spoon or two of your filling along the centre line.

  7. Sprinkle a little of your prepared salad, then a little more mint and coriander leaves on top, adding cheese the last.

  8. Roll the roti tightly over the stuffing.

  9. Place on the tava cheese side down. Melted cheese will help it to stick together. Heat both sides on medium heat, turning over gently with a flat spatula, until crisp. If your griddle is too hot, it will burn without getting heated through.

  10. Serve immediately, wrapped in a foil or waxed paper or sturdy paper napkin.


  • Notes: Experiment with other filling ideas, even non-Indian fillings. It is impossible to give all here.

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