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Frankies Chapatti Rolls (Kathi Rolls) Vegetarian

Frankies Chapatti or Kathi Rolls

Mamta Gupta

Frankies, also known as a Chapatti Rolls or Kathi rolls, are quite popular as a 'food on the go' in India. Various fillings have been used by Indians for generations to utilize their leftover chapatties and leftover vegetarian or non-vegetarian dishes, to make into easy meal from leftover chapatties . These have now become so popular that they are made with fresh chapatties and nans and sold in fast food places all over India. In Mumbai area, they go under the name of Frankies; I am not sure of this story, but it is said that they were first marketed by a guy called Fankie and are named after him. They are very similar to tortilla, burrito, quesadilla and fajitas. Here, I have given several non-Indian filling ideas too. The amount of filling depends upon personal choice and what is available. Serves 4 (2 per person).

Edited April 2015



  1. To spice up a ready cooked bhaji, add chaat masala/other spices and heat it through. Check and adjust to your taste. The filling should be spicy and completely dry, without gravy, or your chapatti roll will become soggy. You can sprinkle a teaspoon of flour while frying vegetables to bind the ingredients, but this is not strictly necessary.

  2. Add and mix coriander leaves.

  3. Allow the mix to cool a little.

  4. Making the rolls: Heat a frying pan or tava to medium hot. Brush with a little oil.

  5. Place chapatti on the pan and heat. Turn it over and spread about 1-2 tbsp. of the filling mix in the centre, spreading across the length of the chapatti.

  6. Sprinkle some cheese on top.

  7. Fold the chapatti over the filling like an omelette or make a roll.

  8. Lightly brush with oil and fry until golden brown and semi-crisp on all sides. Although you don't need a lot of oil, more liberal you are with it, crisper they are going to be. I often use no oil at all.

  9. Serve hot with a Green Chutney or Chilli Sauce or Tomato Ketchup and a Salad of your choice.


  • If using Stuffed Green Chillies as a filling, you do not need to re-fry them or add chat masala. They are hot enough already. Simply place one chilli in the centre of the chapatti and follow as above.

  • Experiment with other filling ideas, even non-Indian fillings. It is impossible to give all here.

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