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RecipeLast Updated
Chapati (Roti or Phulka) Indian Flat Bread 22nd July, 2018
Chana Dal (Split Bengal Gram) with Spinach 21st July, 2018
How to Make Butter At Home from 'Malai' or Yoghurt 21st July, 2018
Green Pumpkin Bhaji (Dry Curry) 21st July, 2018
Mung Dal And Spinach (Dal Palak) 20th July, 2018
Snake Gourd Poriyal Bhaji (Dry Curry) 20th July, 2018
Cauliflower Paratha 20th July, 2018
Amaranth Seed Sweet Balls (Laddoo) or Burfi (Squares) 17th July, 2018
Amaranth Leaves (A Type Of Pigweed) Bhaji  17th July, 2018
Tandoori Lamb Chops Lamb Shanks 16th July, 2018
Cabbage Bhaji with Peas(Dry Curry) 13th July, 2018
Chana Dal (Split Bengal Gram) with Snake Gourd 13th July, 2018
Pizza 5, Mamta's 10 Minute Naan or Pitta Bread or Corn Bread or Khobez Bread Base 12th July, 2018
Bread Soft Rolls (Baps) 12th July, 2018
Watermelon Skin/Rind Pickle Style Bhaji (Dry Curry) 12th July, 2018
Tomato And Carrot Soup 11th July, 2018
Beetroot-How to Cook? 10th July, 2018
Potato Chop or Cutlet or Veggie Burger - 1 10th July, 2018
Boondi Raita (Yoghurt) 9th July, 2018
Cauliflower Bhaji With Tomatoes (Less Spicy) 9th July, 2018

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