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What are your views about vegetarian vs. non-vegetarian food

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On 31/08/2005 03:08am, CInnamon wrote:

The frustration with having to cater for vegetarians is that most people simply do not know what to feed them.

It is a bit like being asked to cook a Martian dish (when you've never sampled one) -- if you have no vision how the food should taste it is bound to be not very nice in most cases, and what is worse, you can't even tell if it isn't!

Also, don't forget, that one person eating something different to everyone else (for whatever reason, allergies, tastes etc) doubles the workload because you need to seperate stuff out, and cook extra dishes for them. Most special requirements you can elegantly accomodate and your guests will never know that it is gluten free and does not contain nuts or milk(etc), but good vegetarian food is a seperate skill from making random veggie side dishes.

Now I love cooking and I always like cooking extra stuff, but I have to admit that I do have problems here and it tends to result in me keeping veggies and meateaters seperate by cooking for either one or the other, because if I don't, I always end up shortchanging one side, and also, rather knackered with a kitchen that looks like a bombsite afterwards. (eek)

What is needed is something that can be started together and then branched into veggie and meat dishes respectivly, but that is simple. Maybe those recipes should be in their own category, say, 'Entertaining Vegetarians and Meateaters together'.


On 04/09/2005 05:09pm, Mamta wrote:

Hi Cinnamon

.Branching. dishes into vegetarian/non-vegetarian after initial cooking is quite simple, e.g.:

Make curry sauce, then add it to meat in one pan and vegetable of choice/paneer in another.

Make Biryani masala, add half to meat and half to your selected vegetable/paneer mix and then cook with rice in 2 separate pans.

Make bolognaise sauce, add half to meat and other half to Soya mince or chopped (peeled) aubergine/courgettes.

For a roast meal, do your normal roast for meatarians and a small vegeburger type of thing for vegetarians. All other vegetables remain common.

Most vegetarians don.t mind having less .choice., if the majority is non-vegetarian. Just think of your main dish and see what can you make that is similar and can be adapted.

Hope this helps


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