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Use of sodium benzoate

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On 25/06/2018 10:06am, Gunjan wrote:

Hello ma'am,

Pickle's recipe is nice but i've a doubt about sodium benzoate. .... when n how to use it as preservative in pickle.when to add it in pickle. You mentioned it in the list of ingredients but have not given its quantity. ... I wanna do 5 kg mango pickle so pls suggest me how much i have to use it n when n how to add it ....pls suggest me its proportion per kg mango picle.....

On 27/06/2018 04:06pm, Mamta wrote:

Which particular recipe are you asking about Gunjan? I don't normally use it in my pickles, but it may be someone else's recipes hosted by me.


On 09/05/2022 02:05pm, Helen Bach wrote:

Potassium sorbate would be something I use instead of the benzoate. Sorbic acid is found in fruits, so could be classed as 'natural'.

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