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On 05/09/2005 09:09am, Tinto wrote:

I know of no religious or cultural reason why turkey meat is not used in Indian cookery or served in any Indian restaurants (please correct me if I'm wrong). I find turkey a superb meat to use in curries, as it is firm yet tender, tasty, difficult to overcook and is also much leaner and cheaper than chicken. Turkey breasts are large and cook well when cut into long strips. Anyone agree?

On 05/09/2005 03:09pm, Mamta wrote:

Hello Tinto

As far as I know, turkeys are not farmed in India in great numbers. I have not seen turkeys meat being sold at the butchers in Delhi. Perhaps that is why it is not used in Indian cuisine. I do believe that there are a few poultry farms that are trying it now.

On a personal level, when I was a meat eater, I occasionally made turkey curry from leftover turkey meat. The general consensus around our house was that it was not the best meat for a curry. However, we are not a turkey loving family anyway, so that may be the reason. I don't see any reason why it can not be used in curries, kebabs, biryani etc. Lets hear what evryone else thinks!


On 05/09/2005 03:09pm, Kavey wrote:

Personally, I find that turkey absorbs flavours etc just as well as chicken BUT it never has the tenderness that chicken can have... it's not dry exactly but... nor is it soft and silky tender like good chicken.


On 05/09/2005 07:09pm, AskCy wrote:

I sometimes grab a very large Turkey leg from the local supermarket.

I then roast it in the oven (nothing on it, just cook it through).

I then cut it up into pieces and add it to a curry base.. comes out great..

and best of it.. if someone likes chicken you tell them its chicken.. if they think its lamb you tell them its lamb.. no one has noticed yet... LOL

On 06/09/2005 04:09pm, claire wrote:

personally i find turkey fine in both curries and pasta! straight after xmas u guys gotta admit that turkey homemade curry is pretty damm satisfying!


On 06/09/2005 04:09pm, claire wrote:

on that note i do leave my curry or pasta sauce for a good few hours! so it does tenderize in the sauce spesh if i slow cook in it in the oven on a low heat!


On 24/09/2005 01:09pm, Phil wrote:

I use chicken a great deal in Indian food, but never turkey, since I have bad associations with turkey, based on countless Christmas lunches in Britain, when tasteless, dried out turkey breast was often served with overcooked brussel sprouts and potatoes that had been deep-fried, rather than roasted.

Here in France, I buy a free range goose for Christmas dinner from an old woman who lives out in the sticks, and I then roast it and serve it with a decent French sauce. I do notice, however, that there is as much turkey meat in French supermarkets as there is chicken meat, so the French clearly don't have my bad associations. I think that Bernard Matthews has a lot to answer for!

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