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tandoori masala

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On 30/01/2011 10:01pm, sid wrote:

hello mamta. i was wanting to make your tandoori masala but i do not use powdered garlic so i was wondering if i make it using all of the other spices and just crush a clove or two of fresh garlic and use that with some of the powder to marinade the chicken. would that work okay do you think or would you recommend i use powdered garlic?

thanks sid.

On 30/01/2011 10:01pm, Askcy wrote:

Sid if you look on the recipe Tandori Masala mix it shows -

? 2 tsp. garlic powder*

? 2 tsp. ginger powder*

and at the bottom the little * is linked to

*You can omit garlic and ginger powder and add fresh, when ready to use this mix.

so yes perfectly ok to do it :-)


On 31/01/2011 01:01am, sid wrote:

oops sorry. i will have to pay closer attention in future. thanks for that.

On 31/01/2011 06:01pm, Sue wrote:

hi sid, you can get tandoori masala mixes from the local shop. they come with many more herbs and spices than mamta uses. full ingredients list can be found at:

On 03/02/2011 12:02pm, Lapis wrote:

I always use fresh garlic and ginger when making tandoori chicken. It makes a big difference, IMHO.

The mix that Sue suggested is truly a mix, a mix of tandoori masala and tandoori chat masala, not good, and not Indian. A good example of a 'kitchen sink' curry, everything in it!

I have found that when it comes to Indian spicing, less is more, we want to flavour the meat, not overpower it. I think Mamta's suggestions are just fine (using fresh garlic and ginger).

What I sprinkle over after cooking is tandoori chat masala, a kind of spicy tart salt, which makes the chicken taste very meaty indeed.

On 09/01/2022 11:01am, Ed wrote:

If you?ve pre-made Mamta?s tandoori mix, how many teaspoons of it do you add to make a tomato based curry sauce for 4 people?

Thanks, Ed

On 09/01/2022 06:01pm, Mamta wrote:

Hello Ed

Are you talking about this mix; Pickled Onions and Other Vegetables in Vinegar?

I guess it depends upon the amount of curry sauce you are making for how much of a main ingredient, how hungry those four people are expected to be. I am old fashioned and always cook extra. I don't like going short. Leftovers can be eaten next day.

The amount I have given is for 4 kg of chicken. So if you are cooking 1 kg. I guess you will add one fourth.

The quality of spices and their potency varies. I always recommend that you taste your spice/masala/curry mix or sauce, before adding chicken and also after your dish is cooked.

These masalas are only a rough guide. You must always taste your curry before finishing and adjust according to your taste.

Hope this helps.


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