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Sugar Syrup

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On 27/05/2006 05:05pm, Mary wrote:

Just surfed in, I was looking for a receipe for sugar syrup to make fresh lime sodas, what the best ratio of sugar to water. I dont like it when you just use granulated sugar as it does not dissolve.

Also there more India recepies I found at if anyone is interested.


On 30/05/2006 09:05pm, AskCy wrote:

making syrup is not something I do to be honest (in fact making anything sweet is few and far between) but can't you make syrup without the water at all, just heat sugar ? (or would that be too thick?)

On 31/05/2006 06:05am, Mamta wrote:

Without water, it will not be a syrup. It will set and make a 'brittle'.


On 31/05/2006 02:05pm, AskCy wrote:

I'm sure I've seen it done without water, but maybe they added a knob of butter once it was melted ?

On 08/05/2022 09:05pm, Mamta wrote:

May be you are right Steve, but I always thought that if you melt sugar without water, it will set and make a brittle, as soon as it cools down.

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