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Sharon Kimble

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On 13/12/2005 07:12am, Gum resin? wrote:

Hello all

This is my first time here on the forum. I use this site regularly for learning to make Indian food and so far all my cooking with the recipes here has been pretty impressive. Under desserts, I saw this sweet; Gum Resin Burfi/Barfi Squares! I didn't know you could eat tree resins!! Has anyone else tried it? I have to try it one day soon, I am intrigued! Has anyone tried making any of the sweets here on the site? Which ones are easy to make and come out nice? I would love to have ago!


On 13/12/2005 11:12pm, AskCy wrote:

Not tried this myself but as to eating tree resins, I've had plenty of maple syrup which is tree resin.


On 14/12/2005 06:12am, Sharon wrote:

Sorry about that blank!

I never thought of maple syrup as resin. Of course, it is the sap from maple tree, isn't it!

I am going to try this gum resin thing one day soon. It will have to wait till my next vivit to the Palistani shop.


On 17/12/2005 08:12pm, Aditi wrote:

My mum makes it on Janamashtami (birthday of Krishna), it is lovely.


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