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On 15/06/2006 11:06am, Kavey wrote:

Dear Friends of MK

Many of you have kindly offered to send us photographs of finished Mamta's Kitchen recipes as well as recipes showing various stages of preparation.

Please can you keep the following requirements in mind when taking/ sending pictures.

  1. Please turn off any camera settings that imprint the date or time onto the photograph.

  1. Please take the photograph with your camera set to the highest quality and resolution JPEG it offers.

  1. Try taking the image both with and without flash and send us both versions if you're not sure which is better. Other tips include ensuring that backgrounds are uncluttered and that dishes are plain in design if possible.

  1. Please do not size the image down before sending it to us. Receiving the full larger size image allows us more flexibility with adjusting colour balance, cropping and so on. We can then size it down ourselves before adding it to the site.

  1. Please include the recipe ID number (shows in the address bar when the recipe page is displayed) as well as the recipe title in the file name, if possible. If you're not sure how to do this, don't worry, just put a note into the email letting us know which filename equals which recipe.

  1. Please send us your full name if you wish us to include your name on the picture to show that it was provided by you. If you're not bothered, let us know and we'll leave the picture without text as we do for our own.

  1. If you are sending a number of large image files to us in one go, please contact me on and I will provide an alternative email address for you to send them to that will not bounce them back to you because the mailbox is full or can't accept large emails. I don't want to publish it here because I'm trying to reduce the number of spams I receive to it.

Many thanks indeed,


On 15/06/2006 12:06pm, Kavey wrote:

Here is a recipe with picture by Neha Sharma:

AskCy, I know you've provided us some images that we already have on site. If you'd like me to edit them to show your name can you remind me which ones are yours (via email) and I'll do that for you as soon as possible.

On 15/06/2006 05:06pm, AskCy wrote:

I've sent several things in but not sure if they got used or were put into a waiting for further development file ?

On 15/06/2006 05:06pm, Kavey wrote:

Steve, I think I did put some up but I forget - I have one folder full of ones I have not yet processed and one of ones that have been processed but not ALL of which Pete has loaded onto the site.

If we can work out which of yours are up would you like your name on them or not particularly fussed? It's less work for me not to add names but at the same time I don't mind doing so if contributors prefer it!


PS Pete's been putting some hours into the new forum with proper features and everything and it's looking good so far - hopefully finish it soon...

On 16/06/2006 06:06pm, AskCy wrote:

Excellent news on the new forum..

If I notice any pics of mine I might shout up, but I'm not going hunting for them... :-)

On 28/07/2006 09:07am, Kavey wrote:

Another 30-40 pictures added though can't tell you which ones!

Am processing another batch too.


On 28/07/2006 10:07am, Mamta wrote:

Thank you. A few hundred more waiting with me!


On 28/07/2006 10:07am, Mamta wrote:

PS I have signed in at the evening classes, to learn digital photo manipulation etc. Course starts in January.


On 28/07/2006 07:07pm, AskCy wrote:

Thats great, hope to see some of your work on the board then :-)

On 28/07/2006 11:07pm, Mamta wrote:

Hello steven

Long time no see!

Pictures are all mine so far, apart from a few by people like you. But so far, Kavita manipulates/improves them and Pete posts them.

Next time you cook something nice, please do send a picture. I still have a few of yours saved, only I can't open them on my computer, so not much use. If you send now, I will just forward them to Kavita, instead of trying to save them, and she can put them on site as and when. We have 106 pictures now. it is a start :-)!


On 29/07/2006 10:07pm, AskCy wrote:

what do you mean "when" I cook something nice.. I always cook something nice... LOL

no problem...

On 29/07/2006 10:07pm, Mamta wrote:

That was a slip well picked Steven! You know what I mean :-)


On 30/07/2006 04:07pm, Kavey wrote:

Please send in JPEG format and as large resolution as possible! THANKS!

On 30/07/2006 06:07pm, Mamta wrote:

Some of the pictures sent by people before, that I had saved in my photo files, made my computer crash when I tried to open them again, so I deleted them fast! If anyone takes nice pictures, please send them in the format Kavita has suggested.



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