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On 08/10/2005 02:10pm, guavafish wrote:

when I was in India I had a sort of coconut and coriander chutney. I beleive it was called a sambal and it wasn't dry as such and didn't look like a chutney but was served with chappatis and lime pickle. It tasted lovley but can't find anything similar anywhere. Sorry if this sounds vauge just wondering if you might know what I'm on about and had a recipe?

On 08/10/2005 04:10pm, Mamta wrote:

Sambal, as far as I know, is a spicy mix of chillies, salt and a few other things. Are you sure you are not taking about a coconut chutney, which is a speciality of South India. It is served with rice, dosa (rice and dal pancakes), idli (rice and dal dumplings) and many other things. I have two recipes on site: This one has coriander leaves.


Take a look at the ingredients and see if it is similar to what you ate.

Meanwhile, I have written to my Nephew's South Indian wife in Delhi, she will be sure to know.


On 08/10/2005 05:10pm, Ian Hoare wrote:

Hi Mamta,

I think the OP was referring to Sambhar. A south indian dish dish.

Hope that helps


On 08/10/2005 06:10pm, Mamta wrote:

Hi Ian

It couldn't have been sambhar because it is described as a 'sort of coconut and ciriander chutney. Sambhar is made from lentil and vegetables. See


On 09/10/2005 11:10am, Ian Hoare wrote:


Yes you're absolutely right, sorry. That said, I'm sure that somewhere I've read of a dish very much like the OP described with a name like Sambhar/Sambal! Not much liking "desecrated" or grated coconut, I never paid it much attention.

As you say, there's coconut chutney, which could correspond, if made a little more liquid and prepared with coriander (which is always possible).



On 17/10/2005 02:10pm, Mamta wrote:

This is what I have discovered about sambal:

Sambal is a chilli paste or a very hot relish containing vinegar, salt and a few other spices, or a chilli hot Malaysian/ Indonesian curry, served in small amounts to add heat to a meal. (6)


On 28/10/2005 11:10am, Mamta wrote:

This is a mail I have received from Thian

Sambal: Indonesian/Malay dishes made with chilli . There is no one single recipe.


On 20/11/2005 02:11am, peppergirl wrote:

could this sambal be dhanya chatni?

On 20/11/2005 07:11am, Mamta wrote:

No, this is Dhania Chutney There can be of course individual variations to it.


On 20/11/2005 05:11pm, peppergirl wrote:

I have an old recipe for dhanya chatni [sic]that has these ingredients:

fresh lemon or lime juice

fresh coriander leaves

fresh coconut


fresh ginger

fresh chilli green or red

sugar, salt, pepper

The fresh coconut made me think of the sambal requested in this thread. Do you think my recipe is really a coconut chuntney?

On 21/11/2005 06:11am, Mamta wrote:

Well, it doesn't look like the standard coconut chutney, but there are so many variations, so it is difficult to say. I am printing it out and will try it soon. Thanks for sending it.


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