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On 12/08/2005 03:08pm, wrote:

What's quorn, exactly? A vegetarian guest said he eats it, but we got interrupted, and then I forgot to ask him what it was. There's an entry in only one of our three dictionaries, but it says only that it's made from a kind of fungus. Mamta says it contains egg. Can vegetarian guests from Britain buy it easily in the UK and bring it with them to France?


On 12/08/2005 04:08pm, Mamta wrote:

Hello Phil

Quorn is not suitable for people who are vegans. See Quorn UK website:

Look at Qurn website at It says:

"Q3: Who are Quorn. foods suitable for?

A. Quorn. foods are suitable for all (except strict vegans . they contain eggs and milk), who are interested in great tasting foods which contribute to a healthy lifestyle."

I am sure your friends can bring it in a chiller bag. It is not far to France from here!

If you come up with any nice recipes, do share them with us.


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