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Prawn Balchao from Goa

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On 01/12/2005 07:12am, Mamta wrote:

I made Prawn Balchao (pickle) last night, from dry prawns that I had bought from a Chinese supermarket. It is lovely and the recipe is now on site !

I used to have a Nepalese neighbour when I lived in Edgware 35 years ago. She used to make a lovely pickle from mince meat, lamb and pork I think. I roughly remember how she made it, but not entirely. Does anyone know (tried and tested recipe) how to make it? Otherwise, I will have to experiment and see if I can do it again!


On 17/12/2005 08:12pm, Aditi wrote:

I have only eaten the one that comes in jars and i love it. I will try making it from your recipe.


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