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peshawari nut mix

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On 02/02/2024 10:02am, Karen wrote:

Hi Mamta

I love your work. Thanks for your generosity.

I was looking at the peshawari naan recipe and it seems the nut mix recipe is missing. Would you mind please sharing it?

I made some damper, an Australian bread cooked in a cast iron pot or directly in coals, and added a peshawari nut mix as a filling. It was outstanding.

I'm curious about your nut mix.

Thanks again


On 04/02/2024 08:02am, Mamta wrote:

Hello Karen

Thank you for your post and for pointing out that I have omitted out the filling ingredients! It is a mix of almonds/cashes, raisins, a little sugar, a sprinkle of ground green cardamoms. I will make them again soon, when the grandchildren are here, and give the correct amounts.


PS I sometimes use this mix in making sweet parathas and chapatties too, but haven?t done for a while.

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