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palak paneer

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On 02/02/2006 08:02pm, sia wrote:

hi mamta ...

please help me out with palak.

every tine i make palak paneer...the palak changes colour as soon as i add it to the pan...although i gine it a cold bath after boiling it...but it turns to a dirty green...compared to the lovely colour it naturally has

On 03/02/2006 12:02pm, Mamta wrote:

It is difficult to stop vegetables form discolouring during cooking. Chlorophyll is heat liable and discolours due to molecular changes during heating. Addition of salt/sugar (doesn't make a difference in my view), baking soda (spoils the texture) etc. has been mentioned by many cooks. Quick cooking in microwave helps a little, as does adding spinach to boiling water, rather than cooking by placing it in cold water and then bringing to boil.


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