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New lime pickle for Peppergirl

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On 26/11/2005 06:11am, Mamta wrote:

Hi Peppergirl

I have been thinking about the problem of cooking and the fussiness of making sweet lime pickles on my site. I am going to try making it without cooking and see how it comes. These uncooked pickles work better in sunny weather, even if it is only on a window sill.

You can try it too as following:

Sweet and hot lime Pickle

250 gm. limes/lemons

50 gm. salt

1/4 tsp asafoetida or hing powder

1 tsp. chilli powder (adjust to taste)

1/2 tsp. black pepper, coarsely ground will perhaps taste better

250 gm. fine grained sugar

Wash the limes with warm water to get rid of any wax.

Allow to dry on a towel overnight, to get rid of all the water.

Cut into quarters or smaller, as you like. Remove and discard as many pips as you can.

Place in a bowl and all ingredients except sugar.

Put in a jar and leave in sun or a sunny window-sill for 6-7 days, shaking from time to time. After a while, liquid will seep out of the limes.

Add sugar, shake the jar and leave in sun for 2-4 weeks. keep shaking the jar from time to time. It should be ready to eat in about a month.


On 27/11/2005 02:11am, peppergirl wrote:

Thanks for the new lime pickle recipe. I have made North African preserved lemons (in salt) that do not require cooking. They're very good, too. I will be trying your new recipe. It looks very good.

On 27/11/2005 05:11pm, Mamta wrote:

Hello Peppergirl

I made this recipe today, using 2 limes (200 gm.). The amount of sugar I used was 50 gm. and not 250 gm. as given in the recipe. I will have to wait a couple of weeks to see if it is enough or do I need to add more. Anyway, 250 gm. sounds too much. I thought I will warn you, just in case you are planning to try it. Looks good so far, so it should come okay.

Instead of quartering the limes, I sliced them in circles and then cut them in half circles. It looks quite nice. 2 limes made about a jam jar full. I have taken pictures, hopefully they will be on the site one dy in near future!


On 18/12/2005 07:12pm, peppergirl wrote:

Hi Mamta,

I tried your lime pickle recipe soon after you posted your recipe and didn't see the adjustment to the sugar quantity. I just wanted to let you know how mine came out. I tasted some a couple of days ago and although it's pretty sweet, I like it! I cut the lemon quaters into 3rds.Perhaps I'll try the less-sugary version and compare.


On 19/12/2005 06:12am, Mamta wrote:

Hi peppegirl

Did you make my version (quick one) or Mohini Jain's one? Mine now has only 50 gm. sugar per 100 gm. lemons. I have it on my windowsill and it is quite nice. Yes it is sweet, but it is meant to be. You can reduce sugar to 25 gm. per 100 gm.

If you would like a traditional lime pickle, without sugar, try



On 19/12/2005 09:12pm, peppergirl wrote:

Hi Mamta,

I made the one you posted earlier on this thread!

Scroll up!

On 20/12/2005 07:12am, Mamta wrote:

Oh dear, my fault:-(!

You obviously did not read my message of the following day, saying that 250 gm sugar was too much and and an error. When I made it the following day, I used only 50 gm/250 gm of lime. That is why I posted the correction for you. I am sorry about this. I hope you did not make too much!


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