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On 21/04/2006 06:04am, Mamta wrote:

I don't know where you live, but here are a few UK ones.

Google for How to desgn a kitchen and many sites come up.


On 21/04/2006 07:04pm, AskCy wrote:

I've not looked but I was told B&Q the Diy superstore do a design service (

On 09/05/2022 02:05pm, Helen Bach wrote:

I would talk to a good cook about kitchen layout. Magazine kitchens may look 'nice', but in my opinion, are often not practical. The main areas to consider are the food prep area, cooker, fridge and sink. All should be close, as these are where most work is done. For example, when I make coffee, it's one step to the fridge for milk, and one step to the sink for water. That's it. Everything else (kettle, coffee, cup) is on the food prep area.

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