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How to store chapati so that it remains soft for 7 days

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On 05/11/2011 02:11am, Prakash wrote:

I make very soft tawa chapati. It remains soft and does not crack and crumblefor almost 8 hours after cooking. Can you suggest method of storage so that it remains soft for 7 days.


On 05/11/2011 05:11am, Mamta wrote:

If I make a lot of chapatties, I keep about 6-10 each in a large, sealable sandwich bag. I put the cooled chapatties in the bag (hot ones closed in will stick together with steam), press all the air out and seal each bag. To cool chapatties, I leave them on a plate in piles of 20 or so, covered with a towel, so that the steam can escape without condensing. They are almost, but not quite, as good as fresh when re-heated on a tava/griddle.

On 06/11/2011 10:11am, Kavey wrote:

7 days seems a very long time to be keeping chapatis?

Are you hoping to only make them once a week and use throughout the week?

On 06/11/2011 10:11am, Rajneesh wrote:

I love fresh chapattis, and prefer it to rice. Sometimes i keep them in reseable bags for 2-3 in the fridge until I finish it, but 7 days is a bit too much.

On 06/11/2011 11:11am, Mamta wrote:

No, I don't think 7 days is too much. They live quite well in a freezer. If I have too many left after a party, I always freeze them and a few before going on holiday. It takes me 5-6 days to get over the travel/jet/ lag, when they come very handy. You can say they are not as good as fresh, of course they are not, but they are good enough for people who do not have time to make them each day. You have to slightly under-cook them, then cool them covered with a towel, then freeze in sandwich bags one day's supply each. Then leave one bag out before you go to work. Re-heat on a griddle.

On 30/10/2012 11:10am, Bimal wrote:

We have to provide chapattis to over 100 people at a time. This is normally during bhandara days.To serve 100 people (at least 5 chapatis per head)at one go and about 5/6 such batches, chapattis need to be prepared from very early morning.We need some simple process to keep the chapati in high quantity warm and soft.

This is not commercial. We are Satsangis and the Bhandaras are held in Varanasi and Agra and food is distributed free as prasad.

Please help.

On 11/11/2012 06:11pm, Mamta wrote:

How about using large thermal casserole pans?

On 21/12/2013 07:12pm, Rajneesh wrote:

Bananas to make dough soft? Sweet chapatis? Has anybody tried it?

On 22/12/2013 06:12am, Mamta wrote:

No, I haven,t heard of this. But if it is green bananas our guest is talking about, boiled and mashed, it may work. If you add mashed potatoes to dough, it gives very soft parathas/roties/chapatties.

On 01/02/2015 03:02pm, Yogi wrote:

Keep in deep freezer.

On 25/05/2015 05:05am, Roopa wrote:

Banana chapati tastes very good..its very nutritious and good for children too.

On 14/01/2016 06:01pm, Aseema wrote:

  1. Does one cool the chapatis by placing them on a towel and then wrapping the same over them?

  1. Can they be placed in the regular fridge area or is it necessary to put them in the freezer?

  1. Is the sandwitch bag that you refer to a zip pouch?

On 15/01/2016 10:01pm, Mamta wrote:

Hello Aseema

Sorry for the late reply, I have been otherwis occupied.

1 yes, you cool chapatties on a towel. Frozen hot, they will stick together.

2 Yes, you can keep them in the fridge for a couple of days, but for longer, better to freeze them.

  1. The sandwich bag can be a ziplock one or a simple tie handle one. It doesnt matter, as long as it us sealed.

On 17/03/2016 06:03am, B N Mathur wrote:

Your suggestions of keeping the dough with extra water for 1/2 hr and using mashed potatoes are really worth trying. These two suggestions should help! Many thanks.

On 19/03/2016 05:03am, Mamta wrote:

You are most welcome BN Mathur.


On 17/05/2016 11:05am, niki wrote:

How can i store roti for minimum 1 week with natural nutrition for business purpose?

On 17/05/2016 11:05am, Mamta wrote:

I don't follow your question fully? You mean for a business trip or for selling?

On 15/08/2016 08:08am, Deepti wrote:

Add spinach while kneading dough . It gives soft texture and nice color to dough and chapatis are really soft when you reheat them. Spinach has to be washed, blanched and grinded before adding to dough.

On 23/08/2017 12:08am, Divya wrote:

Hi From all the Q&A what I understood is make rotis and cool them with towel to get to room temperature and then Store it in freezer in ziplock .

My question is can we just roll the dough into chapathis and store it in freezer , and wanted to fry it everyday before eating .

How to store the raw rotis in freezer ? Do we need to dust with flour more or keep any paper to separate rotis ??

On 23/08/2017 06:08am, Mamta wrote:

To freeze uncooked chapatties, you will need to separate them each with wax paper, or they will stick together. I will suggest that you half cook them on a tava/griddle, then spread them out on a towel until cool. Now you can stack them and freeze. Later on, you can defrost them and balloon them on a tava or defrost them and cook them on gas directly.

If you stack and freeze them without cooling first, they are more likely to stick together, because they will retain more moister/steam between chapatties. I freeze leftover chapatties and stuffed parathas of all kinds this way, without any problem.

On 30/12/2017 09:12am, Amusunny wrote:

Which method is better... to cook and then freeze or freeze uncooked chapatis? which would yield better and softer chapatis when reheated

On 31/12/2017 01:12pm, Mamta wrote:

For me, there would be no point to freezing uncooked. You might as well make fresh. Cooked ones need to be cooled and then frozen. If you stack them hot and freeze them, they are likely to stick together.

On 06/01/2018 05:01am, Marathi Unlimite wrote:


You can Keep in deep freezer.

On 22/01/2018 09:01am, Monika wrote:

I am interested in knowing the technique of making and packing of rotis so that they can be used for2-3 days.

On 24/01/2018 06:01am, Mamta wrote:

Different people do it differently. You could spread them out on a clean kitchen towel to cool, then stack them in packets of 5-10, placing them in a clean sandwich bag that seals.

Stacking hot chapatties for same day use, when they are not being frozen, is fine. I do it every time I make them. When I was working, I used to have them made for parties sometimes. They were simply stacked and wrapped in foil.

On 29/01/2018 03:01pm, Arshad wrote:

Can I jus seal the uncooked parota in a cover food grade and keep them for long time like 6-7 days. Is so please advice how do I do it...

On 29/01/2018 03:01pm, Arshad wrote:

Can the parotas be sealed and stored without freezing??? can they be stored in room temp??

On 29/01/2018 09:01pm, Mamta wrote:

Hello Arshad

Parathas should be okay at room temperature for a couple of days. They are taken by people in India on long journeys lasting 2-3 days by train/road. At least they were taken, until road side eateries opened up all over India!

They will last in the fridge for 4-5 days, I haven't kept them for longer.

It is simpler to cool them to room temperature and then freeze them. They remain freshest this way. I usually make packs of 3-4-5 for us, depending upon their size and whether they are plain or with a filling. They will last in the freezer for good few months. Pack them in sealed sandwich bags, either plastic or foil. then defrost and heat them, when needed.


On 30/01/2018 07:01am, Arshad wrote:

So be it roti or parata it can be stored uncooked rite.... I mean not half cooked.. uncooked I'm refering to... uncooked roti or parata..let it dry n pack n can be store for atleast 4-5 days... rite??

On 30/01/2018 04:01pm, Mamta wrote:

You did not say uncooked. I never freeze uncooked. Half cooked yes, but uncooked, no. I don't see the point, you might as well make fresh.

However, if you want to freeze uncooked, roll them out one by one and stack them, each one seperated by a grease proof paper square. Then place the stack in a plastic, sealable bag and freeze.

On 31/01/2018 02:01am, Arshad wrote:

Ok how long will they stay, this way and will they be fresh after we defrost n cook them...

On 31/01/2018 07:01am, Mamta wrote:

The only experience I have of cooking the frozen, uncooked parathas is from when I bought them when I was ill. I put them straight from frozen on to my heated tava (griddle).

I never bought them again, because they were very oily. I don't put oil in my chapatti dough, and did not like them.

On 12/02/2018 05:02pm, Arshad wrote:

SO we can half cook them and freeze them, this way they can stay fresh for longer like a month o so, right?

On 13/02/2018 08:02am, Mamta wrote:

Yes, nearly as good as fresh.

On 05/04/2018 11:04am, radhika wrote:

my daughter stays in hostel, please suggest me to preserve chapattis for a week.they don't have fridgeto store it.she is not happy with the hostelfood.During her visit home she carries chapattis with her.

On 05/04/2018 09:04pm, Mamta wrote:

Hostel food can be a problem initially, but one can get used to it. I know, I was in one in Pilani, in high school. Food is of course different than at home, but it is not a good idea to have stale chapatties from home all the time, not good for the digestion.

She has to go out in the big, wide world. Tell her to keep trying the hostel food, she will get used to it. It is not mummy's cooking, but those who cook it, have also been trained in the art of cooking. Half the joy of the life is discovering different foods from different states, cultures, countries.

Best wishes to her and you :)


On 13/07/2018 09:07pm, Divya wrote:

Hi ,

Can anyone suggest , if I am storing cooked parathas in freezer, do I need to add something while preparing dough? Can we use milk to knead the dough for storing cooked chapatis?

On 15/07/2018 11:07am, Mamta wrote:

You can use milk in dough for roties/parathas, but you don't need it. I don't add milk and I freeze them all the time, roties, plain parathas, as well as stuffed parathas. The only thing I do do is that I spread them out on a kitchen towel to let them cool completely. Then I stack them up and wrap them in a double layer of aluminium foil and then freeze them.

Another thing I often do is that I make stacks of how many the two of use can eat in one sitting and then freeze them. this way, I just pull one stack out and defrost, as needed.

Same goes for chapatties. I seldom make them for freezer specially, but freeze leftovers often.

On 09/03/2022 12:03pm, Varsha Mehta wrote:

Hi! You can store semi-cooked Chapatis for up to 7 days in the refrigerator. It stays fine due to the right moisture content and packaging. There are many brands that offer semi-cooked Chapatis with a shelf life of up to 6 days such as FRESH NEEDS or ID Fresh.

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