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On 03/10/2005 12:10pm, Ganders wrote:

We've made a few changes to the forums which hopefully you'll like.

We've added the ability for users to make parts of their text bold and italic by using standard HTML tags. Additionally, website addresses will now be automatically turned into links (as long as you remember to include the 'http: //' bit)

You can read more about these changes (along with a slightly better explanation of how to use them!) here

Pete the Webspinner

On 03/10/2005 09:10pm, Kavey wrote:


On 04/10/2005 06:10am, Mamta wrote:

Hello Kav and Pete

I have copied and saved this information in my 'Kitchen' folder, as you know I can't remember these computer things ;-)! I am now eagerly waiting for the start of photoes.



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