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Diwali Time - Tuntunae-Munmunae Recipe

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On 29/09/2020 12:09am, Anil B wrote:

I just saw Yashodaji's recipe for Tuntunae-Munmunae. I remember the festival exactly as she has described to introduce here recipe. My mother used to make them sweet, as described by Yashodaji and also salty (with salt and little bit of ajwayan). I and my 4-5 siblings used to grab (looto) as many as we could. It was great fun time. My mother's tuntunae used to be small bow shape similar to the breast cancer awareness symbol.

I guess the recipe for the salty ones can be created easily using the same concept used in the sweet ones. I will certainly make them this year and introduce this custom to my grand kids.

I have lived in the US for the last 45 years. I wonder if they still make tuntunae at Diwali time in India.

Comments are welcome.

On 29/09/2020 02:09pm, Mamta wrote:

Hello Anil

How sweet is that! Great memories of my childhood, I am now in my seventies,

Good idea, I might try it with my grandkids, Covid permitting!

How about writing your mums recipe for savoury ones, along with pictures of all the steps. If it works, I will post it here. They must taste like Namkeen Parae, just different shape. I must admit that I cheat these days and make them from ready made short crust pastry.


On 17/10/2022 12:10pm, Surabhi wrote:

Even my Dadiji used to make tuntune munmune on ahoi ashtami. This tradition is not present everywhere. May be we belong to same ancestors :P

On 17/10/2022 05:10pm, Mamta wrote:

It is quite possible. This is a Baniya tradition.


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