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Bombay Chicken Curry

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On 27/12/2005 12:12pm, MikeH wrote:

In your Bombay Chicken Curry recipe, you pose a question viz. 6. Add remaining sliced tomatoes and sliced hard boiled eggs and stir. Are the eggs supposed to be broken up and mixed with the gravy? Would love to know the answer please or is it just a matter of preference? Many thanks and a happy new year to you all.

On 27/12/2005 01:12pm, Mamta wrote:

Well spotted Mike! As you can see, the recipe is not mine, it comes from a friend. When I receive a recipe, I sometimes ask questions, to make sure that I understand the recipe myself, before I post it on the site. Obviously, that particular question slipped in the final version, I should have deleted it!

In answer to your question, when the eggs are sliced and mixed, the yellows will inevitably break up a little and get mixed with the curry. But no attempt is made to specifically break them up and mix with the gravy. I will ask John Scott again, to be sure.


On 28/12/2005 07:12pm, Mamta wrote:

Hello Mike

Given below is the reply from the recipe's author:

"I do not break up the egg in the curry. I simply add 1 sliced hard boiled egg per portion once the portion has been placed on the rice. You can then simply cover the egg with the curry sauce. Actually if you miss out the chicken you can simply add sliced hard boiled eggs to the sauce to give a delicious egg curry as a side dish."


On 29/12/2005 05:12pm, MikeH wrote:

Many thanks. You have never let me down yet.XXX

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