Mamta's Kitchen - A Family Cookbook

A Collection of Salad Dressing Recipes

Here is a selection of dressings, some with an Indian flavour. You can experiment by adding various fresh herbs like coriander, dill, parsley, chives to a dressing. You can add finely chopped capers or gherkins, very finely chopped spring onions or red onions. Try adding various spices like chilli powder, garam masala, Cajun spice mix. Add finely grated garlic.

Green chillies taste delicious in small quantities. Dijon or other type of coarse mustards also taste good in various dressings. I sometimes use one of the ready-made dressing and liven it up with any of the above. Balsamic/wine/tarragon vinegars are good for thinning very thick dressings.

There is no limit to what you can add to a dressing, but simple ones taste best.

For ideas of salads to dress, see A Collection of Salad Recipes.

General instructions for making dressings - measure all ingredients into a jar, close lid and shake vigorously until well mixed. Store in an airtight jar in the fridge.

If you have any special dressing recipes that you would like to share with others, please send it to me via our Facebook page.