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Vernon Da Fonsec, on 15/7/2020 11:45am

Hi Mamta, thank you for trying to contact Steve, hopefully he will see our posts in the near future. All the very best, Vernon

Gia Fernandes, on 15/7/2020 02:13pm


The Chef by Isidore Coelho is available at Amazon India, here's the link:

It's sold by St. Paul's/Better Yourself Books

My brother ordered a copy and we just received it today! Look forward to trying out these amazing heirloom recipes!

Yvonne DSouza, on 14/10/2020 05:43am

Hi Vernon, I have and follow your grand dad's recipes very very often. The Chef is my go-to book when in need. Best. Yvonne

Rachel, on 13/11/2020 02:19pm

Hi, where can I get the traditional version of this book please - I dont mind a konkani or kannada version but must be traditional. I know there is an English version floating around the internet that is missing most of the tradtitional hand me down recipes. Thank you for your help.

Mamta, on 15/11/2020 06:58am

Hello Rachel

Apart from searching on the Google, I have no idea where you can find this book. Perhaps someone else here can answer this?


RT great grandso, on 7/8/2021 05:45pm

I am a great grandson of Mr Isidore Coehlo. Vernon, Kris or anyone who knew Isidore or associated with the book could you please contact me at [email protected]. We would would like to connect. My mother was very close with Isidore. I also have a copy of the original published book. You will see the Jabalpur address in the book. I have many fond memories of this house when i was a child. Thank you. [email protected]

Christian Coelho, on 11/9/2022 12:13pm

Hello Archiryan, Vernon, Kris - I too am a great grandson of Isidore. I would love to connnect with you - my email is [email protected]. Thanks, Christian

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