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AskCy, on 13/1/2009 10:36am

I'd guess that Sago isn't as popular as it was when I was growing up (you could expect it at least once a week on school meals) So maybe some shops and the people working there have probably not heard of it !


Shiradhna, on 13/1/2009 10:58am

You will always find it in India shops as 'SABOODANA'. It is use to make pilf like dish called Saboodana Khicheri. It comes in 3 sizes, small, medium or large pearls.

jennyjuju, on 14/2/2009 05:16pm

Have a look in your local chinese or other asian supermarket. Failing that, you can alway look in the ethnic food aisle of your local tesco or online chinese supermarkets. Shedloads of products come up if you search for :tapioca pearl' in the shopping section on google:

barnsley lass, on 23/4/2009 09:35pm

cannot buy sago ready made or to make myself, have tried all local supermarkets to no avail. I live in Barnsley can anyone help?

Mamta, on 24/4/2009 06:14am

Hello barnsaley lass

This is interesting. The shop that we recommend on each of our recipes seems to be situated in Barnsley!

Spice Of India

203 Pontefract Rd,

Barnsley ,

United Kingdom S71 1HS

Phone: 01226 206450

Do tell them how you found them ;-)!

AskCy, on 24/4/2009 07:36am

I googled and there seems to be a Sago mine in Barnsley!


Pudding, on 16/8/2009 12:41pm

Thank you for this website. I have been trying to find sago and tapioca for years. I will now try the Indian shops here.

Thank you

Mamta, on 25/8/2009 09:28pm

Good luck.


dave, on 16/11/2009 05:56pm

have searched but cannot find it anywhere

julie g, on 25/1/2010 06:47pm

Thanks guys - i've been looking for sago for ages and can't find it in Edinburgh. I will try indian stockists. My mum used to use it for thickening homemade tomato soup years and years ago - I just want to take a nostalgic trip back to my childhood and make it myself.



Linda, on 3/5/2010 07:29pm

I have looked for sago and tapioca in supermarkets but not in mine. I live in burnley does any one know where i get sago from here?

Winton, on 3/5/2010 11:18pm

Linda, Sago sold as tapioca (similar although tapioca is from American cassava, sago from palms) should be for sale in your Sainsbury's, Active Way, Burnley, at 79p for 500g !


Mamta, on 4/5/2010 09:45am

If you ask the customer services at your branch, they will get it for you, may be!

ginger, on 31/7/2010 09:55pm

I cannot find sago or tapioca in London. Any ideas?

Winton, on 31/7/2010 10:10pm

Ginger, Sainsbury's Tapioca (500g; £0.79/unit) is still available. no price increase since the posting of 3/5/10 on this thread!

Sue, on 4/8/2010 08:59pm

Sago and Tapioca are not the same. That's why they have different names!!!! I can't buy it in Aylesbury. Supermarkets just don't bother with it.

Mamta, on 7/8/2010 09:00am

Hello Sue

Sago and tapioca can be used interchangeably, at least in Indian recipes.

skay, on 15/1/2011 05:25pm

i have tried for a couple of years to get sago from all the supermarkets but none sell it. ambrosia do not do it any more. why?

[email protected], on 17/2/2011 07:44pm

I live in Chester and have been looking for tinned or dry sago for the last 4 years and cannot get it anywhere. The people in the shops just look at you as if you have lost your mind when you ask for it. Please can anybody help. There are recipes for sago pudding but how can you make the pud without sago!

Mamta, on 23/2/2011 11:55am

You may be luckier at Indian stores, ask for Saboodana.

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