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sarah, on 14/11/2006 02:40pm

Where can I buy sago for sago pudding. My local supplier can not get it any more

Mamta, on 15/11/2006 04:44am

Most Supermarkets and Indian grocers in UK stock Sago. You may find it as Tapioca. They are slightltly different in origin but look and taste the same.


AskCy, on 15/11/2006 04:38pm

I've not noticed Sago for a long time (but haven't been looking for it) but isn't it similar to Semolina?..

Mamta, on 16/11/2006 04:39am

Hello Steven

Sago is not same as semolina, though some sites list it as such. We use sago/tapioca pearls in Indian cooking. I will check the recipes and make the correction if necessary.

Sago pearls are made from starch of sago palm. See and

Tapioca pearls are made from the cassava root extract:

They very similar, look identical and are interchangeable in cooking.

Tapioca and sago are often used in the form of flour in many countries.


AskCy, on 16/11/2006 02:37pm

ah yes a different plant but its similar in what its like etc.. makes a sticky sort of porridge when heated with milk/water (is more what I was saying).

both can be used for making puddings, thickening and other bakery (but probably not interchangeable)

Eve Gillin, on 19/2/2007 05:25pm

My housebound mother has asked me to obtain sago (known affectionately as frog-spawn) as opposed to tapioca (known affectionately as fish-eye), so if anyone knows of a supplier please let me know.

Mamta, on 20/2/2007 06:38am

Dapends where you live Eve. Here in UK, most supermarkets and Indian grocers will have it.


AskCy, on 20/2/2007 05:53pm

not helpful at all but.. how do you start a pudding race?..... Sago..

(I'm sorry...really I am....)

Mamta, on 20/2/2007 10:08pm


Ruth, on 5/12/2007 09:57pm

Is there some place I can send away to and get sago. We use it in a Danish recipe.

Mamta, on 6/12/2007 06:20am

Hi Ruth

Open any of my recipes. Below the ingredients list, there is a clickable name of a grocer. You can order it from them. I have checked out their supplies, they are good.


James, on 21/1/2008 01:19pm

Much of the sago crop was wiped out by the 2004 Tsunami, due to this Ambrosia no longer make the product and have no plans to start making it agaim

John, on 28/2/2008 10:24pm

I have spoken to Premier Foods today who own Ambrosia Foods and they say that they have not discontinued the sago pudding but at this point in time cannot sow a new crops in Thailand due to the soil having to much salt in it.

Askcy, on 1/3/2008 05:12pm

James and John, thanks for helping out with that answer. It appears we have some very clued up and connected people on this board.


howie minns, on 16/5/2008 09:21pm

i hope to see sago on the supermarket shelves again soon........

i hate it when a childhood favourite just dissapears without notice....

like Golden Cup/Mint Cracknel/Frys Five Centres etc etc.......


Mamta, on 17/5/2008 05:17pm

You can get it at Indian stores, ask for sabudana or saboodana. We make many dishes out of it.


Neil, on 31/5/2008 08:07pm

I buy mine in my local Tescos.

Angela, on 4/11/2008 04:55pm

Hi there thought I woulkd join the great sago debate. I have tried my local Tescos and Asda but cannot find either sago in a tin or sago pearls. Can anyone help I live in Cambridgeshire. Thanks

sago1, on 11/1/2009 01:14pm

I will also join here. I went to my local Sainsbury's and they not only do not have sago, the people working there haven't even heard of it.

Winton, on 12/1/2009 10:15pm

As Mamta originally posted 'Sago' is widely available as Tapioca, certainly in my local Sainsburys and other local stores. Good luck to all needing to search further afield.

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