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Forum Thread - What\'s Pumpkin called in Hindi?

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Khichri, on 1/11/2006 08:51am

I was listening to Asian Network yesterday - as it was halloween pumpkins came up. One of the presenters wanted to know what Pumpkin is called in Hindi - I'm not sure really - does Mamta or anyone else know what it is? :-)

kennyliza, on 1/11/2006 08:41pm

hi, i think it's called Dudi or Dudiya.

syedz, on 2/11/2006 01:10pm

In some parts it is also called kad-doo. (Both the ds are soft)

I have also heard pumpkin being translated as laukee.

Mamta, on 2/11/2006 04:42pm

Hello Khichri

Kaddu, where both d's are pronounced softly, is the North Indian or Hindi name for Pumpkin. Some people also call it Sita-phal.

KennyLiza, Dudhi (Gujrati) or Lauki (Hindi) is Indian bottle gourd, called so because of it’s shape. It is not Pumpkin.

Syedz, Pumpkin is definitely not Laukee/Lauki.

I am sure you will find pictures of lauki on the internet.


kennyliza, on 3/11/2006 05:59pm

hi mamta, i thought sitaphal is custard apple.


Mamta, on 4/11/2006 10:45am

Yes they do call custard apple Sitaphal in some places. Another, more popular nanme for them is 'sharifa'. It is all a little confusing, that is why I did not mention it before.

By the way, I have just had some fresh custard apples off the tree in my sister's garden, they were so delicious!


Mamta, on 5/11/2006 04:06am

I asked my older sister Abha in Lucknow today, as I am visiting her at present. She says that only a small number of people call pumpkin Sitaphal. Liza is right, it usually refers to custard apple. Hindi names for pumpkin are Kaddoo/Kaddu, Kashi-phal, Lal (red) kaddu or peela (yellow) Kaddu and Kumhra-the 'ra' sound at the end of Kumhra is harsh, more like a 'dra'.

There are many more names in different parts of India, which I have gleaned from other internets sites;






Telgu-Gummadi Kayi


Marathi-Lal Bhapla


Khichri, on 6/11/2006 02:36pm

Thanks Mamta!!

I thought I'd ask here, because last week the question was asked on a programme on the Asian Network radio station and there were lots of answers that came up (as it's likely!!) but they wanted to know what it was in Hindi.

Ragini, on 9/11/2006 03:00am

Definitely Kaddoo!

zareen, on 12/3/2012 09:21am

only kadooo

Rajneesh, on 12/3/2012 12:15pm

Interesting!! i thought only sharifa was called as sita phal. And again sharifa was so common during my childhood that most of household in dehradun had it. But now it is so rare. Same can be said about Lychees, jamuns and basmati rice.

Anyway nothing like ripe kaddu ki sabji with pooris..... deadly!!!

Mamta, on 13/3/2012 06:11am

Rajneesh, Sharifa (custard apple), Jamun, Lychi and Basmati are still abundant, not yet rare in Rorkee/Dehradun belt where you and I come from. I just love all of these, especially Sharifa and Jamun (Jambon fruit).

Amit gupta, on 21/8/2012 05:47pm

pumpkin is kaduu.....n lauki is another dont get confused.....n custard apple is sharifa in hindi.....

B.KJ, on 4/10/2012 02:17pm



Mamta, on 4/10/2012 03:39pm

Do you mean Ash-gourd? That is not pumpkin. Ashgourd is totally different and used in India to make the popular sweetcalled 'petha'.


Rajneesh, on 5/10/2012 06:54pm

I don't know what the confusion is about-- pumpkin is KADDU.

Petha looks like KADDU but it is not a KADDU !! :D

Mamta, on 8/10/2012 03:42am

The confusion is this Rajneesh;

We UP (Uttranchal and UP) wallas call it kaddu, but various other states call it by different names, sometimes using names that we use for entirelydifferent vegetables and fruits. Is that confusing enough LOL?

rachna, on 8/10/2012 01:40pm

pumpkin is 'sitafal'

Rajneesh, on 8/10/2012 06:03pm

fal means fruit -- and pumpkin is not a fruit. Makes no sense.

AskCy, on 8/10/2012 08:46pm

actually Pumpkin is a fruit -

"Pumpkin is the fruit of the species Cucurbita pepo or Cucurbita mixta"


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