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grace, on 10/3/2008 09:52pm


Mamta, on 10/3/2008 10:02pm

It doesn't matter what diet you want to loose weight on, the basic priciple is the same; eat less than you need each day and you will slowly burn the stored body fat.


Lapis, on 11/3/2008 02:05am

Mamta is spot on.

Eat slightly less (about 500 kcals/day less) and by the end of the week, you would have lost the equivalent of 3500 kcals, equal to about one pound in weight. It seems a little, but any more, and you could be over doing it. Exercise is also of great benefit.

AskCy, on 11/3/2008 02:04pm

I've just been watching a programme on the healthiest/longest living people of the World.

One of the places mentioned was Okinawa in Japan, where after a long study (30 years) they think their long lives (many living beyond 100 and still with good health) is down to a good selection of fresh vegetables and a slightly calorific restricted diet. They only eat something like 1200 calories a day mainly due to a long standing cultural thing of only eating till you are 70% full (rather than eat until full). This does seem to be shown to be the case as the study also followed those that left to go to other places where food was more abundant and many suffered much shorter lives and health problems (mainly down to weight problems, high blood sugar, cholesterol etc)


NOTE - This was only the thoughts and views of the makers of the programme and is in on way meant to be used as scientific fact or any sort of medical instructions from Me or anyone on this site - mearly an observation about a TV programme.

Mamta, on 11/3/2008 03:54pm

My dad always used to tell us to eat 1/2 chaptti less than we had room for!

AskCy, on 11/3/2008 05:44pm

I think the flaw with the human being is we rarely know when we've eaten enough ! I'm sure 99% of us eat more than we actually need and somewhere there must be a fine line where we should stop.

When you start to consider the job the body does and what causes it to burn up energy you can see how eating less could prolong your health.

Suppose (for ease of example) the only food we ate was 1kg blocks of cheese and the "average" man needed 4 blocks a day. You could find you are a little bigger in muscle mass than average and maybe doing a little more physical exercise than average. Suppose you weren't putting on weight (ie staying at a constant weight) and found you were eating 6 blocks of cheese a day, you'd think you were eating the correct amount......

just suppose however, you are eating 1 block too many but carrying around that little extra weight all day means you are working your body and its systems that little bit harder all day so you burn it off ! This means if you backed off to 5 blocks a day, you wouldn't be straining your body with the little extra weight and wouldn't burn out your bodies systems quite as fast !

does that make any sense ?


Jessica, on 27/1/2021 08:23am

Really informative discussion.

But, is organic food help us to lose fat from the body??

Mamta, on 27/1/2021 11:41am

I have not seen any paper or evidences that organic food helps you loose weight, though it is considered good for your health.


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