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Mayur, on 9/6/2006 07:04am

My roommate buys frozen beef kebabs, and eats them for dinner. He uses an old non-stick pan and shallow frys them. Whenever he does, he uses lots of oil (I think way too much), and the oil splatters so loudly, it sounds like firecrackers, and it wakes me up if I'm already in bed.

I told him to thaw the kebab before frying them. Now he either puts them in hot water for a few minutes or microwaves them for 45s before frying, yes the splattering continues. He tried using less oil, more oil, low temperature, high temperature, yet the splattering continues.

Is there a specific way to fry frozen kebabs without making so much sound?


Kavey, on 9/6/2006 09:50am

Personally, I defrost them fully before cooking (i.e. put the required number into the fridge the evening before I am intending to eat them) and then I grill them rather than fry them.

They usually come out just fine and are much, much, much more healthy.

Mamta, on 9/6/2006 11:55am

Anything that has water and oil, will always make a splattering noise when fried in a pan. Defrosting them fully before, as Kavey says, and dabbing them on kitchen towel will get rid of some of the surface water and may help a little. Using a saucepan lid to cover them while cooking will also reduce the splattering noise a bit! But there is no way of shallow frying something with fat and oil together, without some splattering!

May be he can wait until you are awake!


AskCy, on 12/6/2006 08:37pm

If it has whole seeds in it, it could be them popping...

Personally If I "fry" anything I do it an the smallest amount of oil I can get away with.. (or none at all if its a fatty thing to start with)

Ps I would have thought defrosting them would make them break apart and be more difficult to handle... maybe just reducing the heat a little would give it time to cook through and not make it go off like fireworks...

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