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Aliya, on 25/5/2006 02:39pm

HI Mamata,

I tried your gole gappas recipe however, my puris don't puff up. Is it because I added too little baking soda and i didn't add any flour? I made it only with suji semolina. I also used your tip of frying it with a wooden spoon and spooning the hot oil on the puri. I love gole gappas and I wish I could make them. I hate the stale store bought taste. Any help will be appreciated!

Mamta, on 25/5/2006 05:26pm

Hello Aliya

Why golegappas don't puff up could be because of following reasons:

1. The dough is too firm or it is not well kneeded.

2. You have not left it for hald an hour or so, to let it mature.

3. The gole gappas are not rolled out evenly or they are too thin.

4. You should leave the golegappas under a moist cloth for a few minutes, before you fry them in batches. I was told this by someone who made them regularly.

5. The oil is too hot and they brown before they have time toi puff up.

6. the oil is too cold.

You can mix half FINE semolina with half 'maida' or plain white flour, instead of just semolina, though I prefer them made from semolina alone. I have made them many, many times, so I know that the recipe works. Make small amounts at a time, until they come out right.

If they do not puff up next time, cook them until crisp and use them to make Papdi/Papri Chat , which is also delicious!


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