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Kavey, on 17/5/2006 02:44pm

Being site administrator has it's privileges, one being that I can ignore our rules against advertising!

As per the latest news post on the home page, Pete and I have recently launched our brand new photography print sales site, fsquared images.

We'd really love you to visit and more importantly, we'd hugely appreciate any help you can provide in spreading word of the site and our products. As a new secondary business we know it will take time for us to become known so if you have any family or friends who love photography or who are looking for an unusual gift idea for someone, please tell them about our work.

Let them know too about the promotional discount code we've set up for Mamta's Kitchen visitors - MKITCHEN entered into the box provided in the basket will take 15% off the entire order price (excl. postage and packing).

Mamta, on 17/5/2006 07:27pm

Nice website! I presume you are going to add many more of your wonderful pictures here? Best wishes and good luck!

AskCy, on 17/5/2006 07:54pm

very nice..

and is the 15% on top of the 15% thats on the site itself ?

Kavey, on 18/5/2006 10:19am

No, it's one or the other. But the 15% on the site is just till end of May. The code here is semi-permanent.

I'll try and clarify that somewhere.

PS Thanks ma, Thanks AskCy!

Kavey, on 18/5/2006 10:37am

Ah, I've already mentioned it in the site's HELP page or FAQ. Only one code can be used on any order...

Jacky B., on 20/5/2006 05:56pm


I love your Lion cubs, Cheetah brothers and Baby elephant seal. They are so lovely!


Kavey, on 20/5/2006 06:46pm

Thanks very much!!! Feel free to purchase a cheeky chappy to grace your wall or perhaps put one on your birthday wishlist and let family or friends know about it!!

I've loved photography since I was a child and it's only recently I've started to believe that perhaps I can actually take it somewhere - not a fully fledged career, I know - the IT will have to continue for sure - but satisfaction and personal development are key too!

And please do pass that link on - it's the only way we can spread the word!

Thanks for your support - much appreciated.

AskCy, on 21/5/2006 10:04pm

Will start spreading the link, when I have 2 minutes to rub together...

Kavey, on 22/5/2006 11:17am

Thank you! Much appreciated!

Hazel Ashton, on 27/5/2006 07:32am

I like your pictures very much, very professional. Though I can't afford to buy any just yet, I wish you luck.


AskCy, on 30/5/2006 09:46pm

I'm sure there must be a market for good prints and possibly an opertunity for extra sales by putting peoples own pictures on large prints/cups/mouse mats etc....

Kavey, on 31/5/2006 02:40pm

Hi Steve

There are so many, many, many companies in the UK alone that sell that service - and they all price on high volume models so we couldn't compete even if we wanted to. For us it's very much about selling OUR work not that of others. Was intending to look into products such as calendars and cards (featuring our own pics) though it's not something we have time to do just now.

Thanks again for the support!

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