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AskCy, on 27/8/2007 06:37pm

Ah I see


Mamta, on 25/5/2009 06:07pm

This is my baby Curry Leaf Tree;


David Baldry, on 1/1/2017 01:48pm

Hello,I am living also near Jerez and would like to know if any progress was made to grow the curry leaves in Andalusia.

Mamta, on 3/1/2017 03:51pm

Hello David

I have had success from growing curry leaf plant from a cutting recently, but in UK. I posted it on mamtaskitchen facebook page a few weeks ago, as it happens!

I don't know about Andalusia, but I don't see why not!

In UK, it is also available from Amazon;

Don't waste money on seeds, they need to be very, very fresh, or they wont grow.

Pauline, on 7/6/2018 10:10am

Morrison's in gibralter sell finger chillies, also there is a very good Asian shop in gibralter called Ramsdens, they have a very good selection of indian goods

Ujwala , on 27/7/2018 09:51am


Wé live in Bordeaux and it's been a struggle getting curry leaves here. Has anyone purchased thé plant online?


Mamta, on 14/8/2018 08:53am

Curry (leaf) trees is difficult to find in UK. You can occasionally get it on line, but not very often. In UK, many Indian grocers sell them, you can try to find out if they will send an order to France. I have frozen leaves fro my two trees, just before they are about to fall out (yes they do fall out once or twice a year). They are pretty good frozen, though not dried. Amazon looks quite expensive. If you know someone travelling to London, they can take some for you from any Indian grocer, especially in Wembley/Southall area.

Some sellers are showing it on line in UK, though I have never used any of these suppliers, so cant guarantee their quality or whether they supply to France;

If you look in France, you might something similar.

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