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Phil, on 8/5/2006 11:27am

We're going to be in Austin, Texas, from August to December this year.

Does anyone happen to know whether we'd be able to buy ingredients for Indian food when we're there? Things like garlic, root ginger and basmati rice are central to our home cooking, which is mostly Indian and Chinese, but we have no idea whether such things would be available in Texas.

I guess we'll be alright for chilli, given the proximity to Mexico. And I think we'll just pack big bags of coriander, cumin and other spices. But root ginger might be a problem.



AskCy, on 8/5/2006 06:50pm

where does "ginger beer" come from?.. isn't that American?.. surely they must have ginger..

AskCy, on 8/5/2006 06:53pm

I think you will find they have it all.. a quick search shows quite a few Indian resturants in Texas and at least on major supplier of ingredients in Houston Texas.. (Jay Store Houston, Texas)

sia, on 8/5/2006 08:00pm

u won't have any in texas...there are lot of indian grocery stores..

i live am currently staying in houston texas...and there are plenty of stores here...if u need the locations and other stuff i can help u out.

Phil, on 10/5/2006 09:29pm

Many thanks, folks: very helpful.

Yes, I guess that ginger beer must be made from root ginger, but we had ginger beer for years during my youth in Britain without ever seeing root ginger for sale.

We look forward to extending our current Mexican repertoire beyong guacamole and chilli con carne.



Phil, on 10/5/2006 09:33pm

By the way, Sia, if you can give us any addresses of food stores in Austin, that would be good.

And thanks to Steven for doing a web search, which we failed to do.



sia, on 14/5/2006 12:10pm

check out the link...this should help you out.

Phil, on 15/5/2006 06:59pm

Many thanks, Sia. I'll check that out.

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