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sia, on 4/5/2006 09:43pm

hi mamata.

can u tell me how to season popcorn....

i put the corn kernels in a paper bag...and then pop them in the microwave,and when i add seasoning all the seasoning settles at the botom of the bowl.

Mamta, on 5/5/2006 05:51am

I am not sure Sia, popcorn is not one of my favourite foods! Perhaps you can try the method that is used to season peanuts etc; after they are done, place in a bowl. Mix seasoning to a bit of melted butter, pour over popcorns and mix. Perhaps someone else will answer it for you.


sia, on 5/5/2006 08:35pm

hello mamta,

i tried the melted butter trick...but it didn't help made the popcorn chewy....instead of remaining crisp.

AskCy, on 6/5/2006 03:04pm

American style popcorn is simply spinkled with salt in its plainest form..

failing that they sometimes add a toffee glaze..

English style popcorn tends to have sugar sprinkled on it

not sure if this is the sort of thing you mean ?

Liza, on 6/5/2006 06:59pm

Sia, I make popcorn for my kids like this:

Add a blob (approx 1 tbsp) melted butter to a large glass bowl

add 1 tbsp vegetable oil

add either salt or sugar according to how you like it

Give it all a good mix so that the salt or sugar can dissolve at least a little bit, giving you a seasoned oil. The reason why you add both butter and oil, is so that the temperature of the butter can be raised without it burning.

Then add approx 2 tbsp popcorn and coat it thoroughly with the mixture.

Cover with a large plate and microwave on high until MOST of the corn has popped

DO NOT WAIT until all of it has popped - you have to be prepared to throw some of the unpopped ones away, otherwise the rest will burn while you're waiting for all to pop!

Do let me know how you get on.

sia, on 7/5/2006 12:02am

thanks a lot liza...

at last the salt is sticking to the popcorn.

it turned out great.

Mamta, on 7/5/2006 08:34am

Hi Liza

I made your popcorns this morning, the salted version. I have my husband's niece and her daughter staying with me at present and they both love popcorns, specially the little girl. So I decided to give it a try. They came out very well. I might start making them more often! I will try sweet ones next time.

People are often looking for ways of making popcorn and can't find good, foolproof instructions, like Sia couldn’t. I think it will be good if I can have your instructions on this website, which will then come up through google/similar search engines. If you agree, you can send it to me via the contact link on top of this page.

It might be better to have two separate recipes, Popcorns-Sweet and Popcorns- Savoury. If you have any other versions, they will also be good. The amounts you gave made a two litre box full.

The recipe format is as follows:

Name of recipe

Name of contributor Liza …...

Introduction …write a small paragraph about it, how/any special reason you started making it, any special occasion it is popular at etc. etc., whatever you fancy.

Key words Corn Snack Vegetarian Bhutta (Indian word for corn) etc.



Any special notes

Look forward to hearing from you.


AskCy, on 8/5/2006 06:54pm

Can I just mention I prefer the "un-popped" ones more than the popped.. I like the crunchy texture and extra nuttyness..

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