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onlytaste, on 2/5/2006 11:25am

what for? I have a sachet of pieces at home and don't know how to use it!

Mamta, on 2/5/2006 01:43pm

I hope what you have are small pieces of gond that look almost like semi-precious stones or amber, in their raw form. In Hindi, it is called Goond or Gond. It is supposed to have medicinal properties, considered specially good for nursing mother, often given to them, at least in Uttar Pradesh state of India where I come from, to increase their milk production. I don't know if it works, but the sweets that are made from it are delicious and rather rich in calories.

See Gond Burfi Squares and Gond Sweet balls or Laddoos.


Sonya, on 11/5/2006 04:41pm

Why do people ask questions and then never respond to the replies?

My mum used to make gond barfi/laddoos for Janamashtami (?spelling). It is lovely, though quite rich.


AskCy, on 11/5/2006 06:53pm

As long as people get the help they required thats all that really matters, sometimes people may stumble across a site like this looking for answers and don't normally use discussion sites so once they've been thats the last time they look (if you see what I mean).

Some people like me love to check back and see whats new, what I could help with, what people could help me with (etc etc)...

onlytaste, on 12/5/2006 02:41pm

I don't have the internet at home. I access it from my local library who give me 30min - that's to do everything I can do on the internet and not only this it depends if I have time to come back, and how minutes I've got left...true, usually I take the response and if I don't have time left then no reply!

But rest assured that I find this website very useful.

Mamta, on 12/5/2006 03:37pm

Hello onlytaste

You come and visit us when you want and can.

Best wishes


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