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Alison, on 1/5/2006 10:38pm

Hello Mamta, I looked at your Lamb Pasanda (Lamb with Lentils) recipe, and there seemed to be no lentils in the list of ingredients. Could you clarify this for me please?

Many thanks

Mamta, on 1/5/2006 11:04pm

Hello Alison

Thank you for this very interesting question. I can't understand how I have written Pasanda is a Parsi dish with lentils! It is in fact meat cooked in a mild, creamy sauce where meat is often beaten to break the fibres.

Lamb or chicken cooked with lentils is actually called Dhansak or Dhanshak. The titles somehow got mixed up! I am at a loss to understand how this happened! I can only apologise for the confusion.


AskCy, on 1/5/2006 11:28pm

I've seen Pasanda in several takeaways where they add 'red wine' giving it a red colour (and in varying other places, its been made with cream or coconut milk, had almonds in it and even desicated coconut)

-but I get the impression that some of the takeaways aren't as authentic as they could be (or maybe they are from different areas that obviously have different tweaks)

Alison, on 2/5/2006 01:18am

Thanks for your swift reply Mamta. You've helped more than you know. I had lots of lentils to use up & thought it was a pasanda recipe I wanted. Now I remember (with your help) its a dhansak I need. Many thanks for that, much appreciated.

Sonya, on 11/5/2006 04:45pm

I love pasanda, must make it one day. I am hungry!

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